Bremer Bank Ensures Application Availability Using Talari’s Solution

Talari’s solution saves Bremer money and ensures application availability.

“We can leverage Talari’s capabilities to negotiate the highest bandwidth at the lowest cost without compromising reliability/availability in preparation for more rich content, video and streaming applications in the future.” Cory Miller, Vice President of Engineering Services, Bremer Bank

Executive Summary

Bremer Bank

Headquarters: St. Paul, Minnesota
Serves multiple locations across Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin

Key Applications
VoIP and videoconferencing

Prevent branches from going down in the event of network failure with a more cost-effective solution


  • Talari SD-WAN
  • Talari Aware


  • Fast failover ensures voice and data sessions go uninterrupted with circuit failure
  • Gained ability to use backup circuits full time
  • Significant savings by replacing costly MPLS links with inexpensive cable and DSL circuits
  • Increased visibility to monitor circuit performance
  • Improved network operations through continuous monitoring, quality of service and encryption ensure high performance and greater security