Ensuring Network Resilience for The Hain Celestial Group

Talari SD-WAN ensures network resilience for The Hain Celestial group so it can meet consumers’ growing appetite for natural and organic foods.

“Paying for something you can’t use is throwing money away. We reduced our monthly costs, improved performance and improved reliability with Talari.” David Rahbany, Director of IT Infrastructure, The Hain Celestial Group

Executive Summary

The Hain Celestial Group, Inc.

30 locations in North America, Europe and Asia

Key Applications
ShoreTel VoIP and conferencing, Lifesize videoconferencing, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, ERP, VDI, and Business Intelligence.

Improve application performance at key locations and ensure network resiliency


  • Talari SD-WAN
  • Talari Aware


  • Delivered superior user experience for voice and applications
  • Reduced cost of usable bandwidth by 10X to 15X
  • Gained ability to use backup circuits full time
  • Leverage broadband Internet for faster, lower-cost connections
  • Unexpected liberation from dependency on a single carrier
  • Eliminated calls to the service desk about network issues