Improving Network Quality for Lake Area Bank & Roundbank

Two Minnesota community banks, Lake Area Bank and Roundbank, leverage a Talari SD-WAN to improve network quality, meet FDIC business continuity requirements, save money and exceed customer expectations.

“I found that Talari met our bandwidth, reliability and disaster recovery needs. When I compared purchasing more T1 lines vs. using broadband and Talari, it was a much better investment. I knew I found a solution for our network problems.” Andrea Martfeld, Vice President and Information Technology Officer, Lake Area Bank and Roundbank

Executive Summary

Lake Area Bank and Roundbank

11 branches total

Key Applications
VoIP, teller applications and document scanning

Fulfill FDIC business continuity requirements and prevent network downtime that disrupt day-to-day banking business


  • Talari SD-WAN


  • Meet FDIC requirements for business continuity and disaster recovery
  • 50% savings on broadband compared to leased lines
  • Cut helpdesk calls to zero for network issues
  • Reliable voice, scanning and online teller performance