JTEKT Steers Clear of Network Downtime with a Talari SD‑WAN

Three days after adding Talari, JTEKT had a massive WAN outage that affected every branch except where the Talari appliances were deployed.

As fate would have it, the company had scheduled a technology summit that day and the director of technology at JTEKT was so impressed with Talari’s resilience during the outage that he committed to purchasing the Talari appliances on the spot.

“Talari was the only company that came near to meeting our requirements. Talari has load balancing, QoS, full use of bandwidth, packet duplication, and I can see everything that’s happening over the links and conduits.”

Executive Summary


22 sites in North America and South America

Key Applications
Oracle ERP

Provide 100% network uptime by preventing network failures due to poor MPLS connectivity

Talari SD-WAN


  • Reduced 15 to 20 a network outages a year to zero
  • Improved user experience for shipping, purchasing, VoIP and other enterprise applications
  • Eliminated operational costs of network outages, including time to implement VPN tunnels, change routing, and lost productivity
  • Provided quality of service for latency-sensitive applications
  • Allowed network maintenance to occur at any time without downtime