Maricopa Region 911 Runs on a Talari SD-WAN

For Phoenix based emergency response Maricopa Region 911 (MR911), network resiliency can literally be a matter of life or death. When existing frame relay performance issues started causing unacceptable delays, MR911 turned to Talari for a network they could rely on in critical moments.

“The peace of mind and visibility we get with Talari is invaluable in terms of knowing we are going to deliver those calls without interruption.” Dave Dansevicus, 911 Integrated Systems Administrator Maricopa Region 911

Executive Summary

Maricopa Region 911

25 public safety answering points in the Phoenix, AZ area

Key Applications
911 calls and mapping

Ensure network resiliency to support 911 services


  • Talari SD-WAN


  • Handles more than 2.2 million calls/year, with a growing percentage handled as VoIP
  • Ensure the highest levels of resiliency for the IP network supporting 911 calls and related applications
  • Built the foundation for NextGeneration 911
  • Greater choice of WAN technologies

Download the case study to learn more about how a Talari SD-WAN ensures Maricopa Region 911 has a network it can trust.