WAN Technologies Speed Essex County Fire Communications

Talari’s WAN technologies ensure mobile command units for a UK fire and rescue service have fast and reliable communications.

“We know the communications will work reliably when we need them – and that’s reassuring to know, if we ever have to deploy the ICUs to a major incident.” John White, ICT Communications Manager, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service

Executive Summary

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service

Headquarters: Kelvedon, UK
Two Incident Command Units in Basildon and Clacton
Six administrative sites and 51 fire stations

Eliminate intermittent service when Incident Command Units have been mobilized


  • Talari Appliances
  • 3G modems


  • Significantly increased speed and connection reliability between Headquarters and Incident Command Units
  • Delivered a faster solution at a much lower cost versus their 3G coverage and satellite backup connection
  • Increased available bandwidth with full disaster recovery backup