Whiting & Partners Boosts Network Flexibility with Talari SD-WAN

Whiting & Partners, an accounting firm with offices throughout England and Wales, deploys the Talari solution to cost-effectively provide the network flexibility and reliability it needs to deploy new services such as VDI and VoIP.

“I once mentioned to someone that the MPLS connection had been down for a week. They were oblivious to the fact; traffic was going over the secondary link using Talari.” Chris Haydon, IT Manager, Whiting & Partners

Executive Summary

Whiting & Partners

Based in eight East Anglian market towns in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk counties

Key Applications
VDI and VoIP

Implement Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and VoIP in an environment where the existing MPLS network has insufficient bandwidth and has historically proved to be unreliable.

Deploy Talari Software Defined WAN using Talari’s Adaptive Private Networking (APN) technology at head office and six remote offices.

The Talari SD-WAN solution has enabled Whiting & Partners to cost-effectively provide the network reliability and flexibility it needs to deploy new services such as VDI and VoIP. On average, bandwidth at each site was increased by a factor of 5 and the cost per Mbps was cut in half.