Networking Software Engineer

Work Location: Morrisville, NC

About the Job

Talari Networks is a leader in SD-WAN market recognized by leading analysts and awarded by the industry. We have thousands of deployments of our 5th generation product. We are looking for exceptional Software Engineers that thrive in an innovative, fast pace team environment. We look for individuals that enjoy the challenge of working in emerging fields of Software Engineering. Ready to break out of the box? At Talari, you’ll contribute in multiple areas to define what is possible in our exciting market. This is a rare opportunity to get involved at a mid-stage startup as a member of an amazing industry-leading engineering team.

 Talari’s engineering culture is fast paced, high tempo, and results driven. It focuses on an individual’s personal and professional growth and development in a tight-knit team environment with continual feedback. Team success drives its members, not individual workplace politics. Talari values productivity over busy. Our diverse team is comprised of members from around the world as well as next door who all value showing up to work ready to contribute in an outstanding way every day. To facilitate direct person to person collaboration, Talari’s team-centric culture primarily requires engineers to work from our Morrisville, NC office but occasional work-from-home days are permitted.


  • Responsible for being a leading contributor to the Software Development Team
  • Creates, develops, and executes architecture designs, mapping documents, and implementation plans
  • Develops software executing on both single core and multi-core architectures
  • Responsible for creating efficient and high-performance code using C
  • Leader in troubleshooting and problem resolution of issues through test
  • Demonstrates substantial personal ownership for modules assigned and nurtures them to perfection
  • Responsible for creating high quality products with minimal defects
  • Shares industry knowledge and helps other team members within the department


  • Hands-on networking experience with IPV6, Multi-cast, and other Networking Protocols
  • Minimum of 8-12 years as a contributor on a Software Development Team
  • Experience with deep packet inspection is a plus
  • Strong skills in C programming
  • Experience in various development languages, and databases (C++, SQL, PHP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, make, Jenkins, etc.)
  • Strong knowledge of Linux
  • Experience in multi-core environments (multi-threading, pinning threads)
  • Security experience is a must


  • Strong problem-solving skills, adaptability, proactive, and willingness to take ownership
  • Knowledge of Embedded Systems and software
  • Strong knowledge of data structures, algorithms, architecture, and design for performance, scalability, and availability
  • Knowledge of Network Protocols: IPV6, Multi-cast, OSPF, BGP, IP, TCP, UDP, SSL, etc.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Knowledge of modern best practices for professional software development including coding standards, code reviews, source control management, architecture, map pining, testing, and operations


  • Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Math or related fields.

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