Branch Office Simplification Solution Brief

IT is under pressure to deliver branch office access with improved quality of experience to an emerging set of applications that exist in a variety of locations, such as the cloud. The deployment of these applications is increasing the types and number of required branch services resulting in added complexity, reduced flexibility, and higher support cost. While branch services and complexity are increasing, the required technical skills available in the branch to support the new infrastructure is frequently lacking or non-existent.

One option that is gaining momentum to address this issue is service consolidation which reduces the number of individual point products at the branch into “all-in-one” or “branch-in-abox” devices. Key advantages of this approach are the integrated deployment and ongoing management that eases the support overhead required to manage the branch as well as OPEX reduction due to the procurement of fewer devices.

An alternative approach is to unify best of bread products that deliver the required branch services into a common solution. A key requirement to enable this approach is to ensure that IT has the tools and information available to easily and quickly deploy and manage this multi-vendor approach on an ongoing basis.

A Talari solution supports both of these options by consolidating multiple core network and security functions, including emerging SD-WAN services, into an easy to deploy, virtual or physical appliance which is administered from a central location. The solution is extensible and works with leading 3rd party vendors to deliver the services your applications require in any branch location.