Talari SD-WAN with Integrated WAN Optimization

Many enterprises with two or more locations, rely on widearea networks (WANs) to support their employees and partners. Yet, their end-users will suffer when the WAN is slow and unreliable, and unable to respond to changing business demands and new market opportunities.

The WAN must be reliable, agile, efficient and fast, if companies are to succeed in today’s competitive and demanding market. An enterprise WAN is the heartbeat of business connectivity and communications for users connecting to corporate offices, branches and cloud services.

Talari’s software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) addresses these requirements and more. Talari helps lower costs, simplify network management, improve network and application reliability, optimize bandwidth efficiency, and secure networks and applications. Talari’s failsafe SD-WAN is now enhanced with WAN optimization that reduces TCP transfers, and compresses and de-duplicates data to get more traffic into existing bandwidth.