Failsafe SD-WAN

A Failsafe SD-WAN is an SD-WAN solution that delivers both MPLS-class high availability and high QoE (Quality of Experience) predictable application performance for both TCP-based apps and real-time apps like VoIP and video conferencing, whether built on a hybrid MPLS plus Internet WAN fabric, or a WAN made up only of Internet connections.

Why Do Enterprises Require Failsafe SD-WANs

Failsafe SD-WANs deliver both high network availability and reliable, predictable application QoE. Given the high cost of downtime, limited IT resources available at most remote locations, and limited enterprise visibility into the WAN, a Failsafe SD-WAN is a requirement for enterprise WAN Managers of CIOs wanting to sleep soundly at night if they are going to augment or replace their time-tested MPLS-based solution with unpredictable Internet connections. Rather than requiring WAN administrators to map applications to network connections on a per session basis in a predetermined fashion, a failsafe SD-WAN allows administrators to set high-level application policies, while the solution itself automatically makes per-packet forwarding decisions to reliably deliver traffic to the destination at the other end of the WAN based on knowledge of current network conditions.