WAN Optimization

Not all Wide Area Network (WAN) Optimization solutions are the same. But generally, WAN Optimization technologies optimize network and application protocols, help control packet loss, and eliminate redundant data. WAN Optimization enhances application performance over long distance networks, to ensure users receive a quality experience.

WAN Optimization can improve performance for all applications delivered from the cloud and data center to branch offices and disaster recovery sites.

WAN Optimization features, such as data compression and deduplication, improve bulk file-transfers, especially for data requested by more than one user at the same location.

What About Disaster Preparation?

WAN Optimization can help IT teams with disaster preparedness. These technologies are important for ensuring data is reliably transferred when conducting backup and replication. Enterprises can’t prepare for “if” a disaster happens. They must be prepared for “when” a disaster occurs. Every business needs to have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, and WAN Optimization can reduce downtime and improve business continuity.