Companies across industries and around the world depend on Talari to create a reliable WAN that ensures their network applications are never affected by outages, quality issues or performance problems

Wide area networks are used across industries to connect remote users and facilities. And the goals remain the same – create a high quality, reliable connection that will support the communication needs of the company for an acceptable cost. But the impact on a business when one of those goals isn't met isn't the same across industries. At Talari, we understand that.

We understand the unique applications and priorities of each industry our customers are in as well as the ramifications of an outage or a poor quality connection on those customers. By working with hundreds of network engineers across twenty-six different vertical segments, we have honed our product and solutions to meet the needs common to each of those companies. But don't take our word on it. Visit each of the sections to see how we've helped leading companies achieve their WAN goals.

Hear the real world use cases on deploying and benefitting from a SD-WAN. Understand what SD-WAN actually entails, why it's beneficial and how organizations in a variety of different industries have used it to set a new standard in networking performance and resiliency.

Listen to Packet Pushers Podcast: Lessons Learned from SD-WAN Deployments