Financial Services: Banking

A network outage can prevent customers from making deposits, transferring money, and using the ATMs.  In addition, employees need speedy access to core banking and everyday productivity applications to ensure outstanding customer service. As more banks shift to VoIP and unified communications, branch networks also must support time-sensitive voice, video and collaboration applications.

The importance of the wide area network (WAN) in ensuring smooth operations and ultimately keeping customers happy has never been more critical. Demand for network capacity is rising fast, driven by customer expectations that their financial institutions will keep pace with their digital lifestyles. Phone calls, deposits and withdrawals, bill payments, loan applications, and financial advisory services depend on the availability of the WAN connecting branches, data centers and the cloud. Customers have little patience when they have to wait, and repeated disappointments can lead to losing business if a customer switches to another financial provider.

With Talari’s Failsafe SD-WAN overlay solution, banks can:

  • Enable 24/7 business continuity
  • Ensure reliable WAN connections
  • Deliver predictable application performance
  • Maximize the WAN investment
  • Increase WAN visibility