Financial Services: Credit Unions

Consumers and businesses turn to credit unions for the personalized attention they offer. But at the same time, members require online access, mobile access, and sophisticated ATMs, and are unyielding in their expectations for the modern conveniences of anywhere, anytime access to their money, expert advisors and competitive financial products.

As credit unions seek, thrive and grow in this digital world, the network connecting their branches and administrative offices is more critical than ever.  At Talari, we’ve helped some of the nation’s leading credit unions eliminate network problems that result in dropped calls, slow service and frustrated members. In today’s highly competitive and digital climate, we know that your members are your most important asset and delivering the services they need requires a high performing plus resilient WAN.

With Talari as the intelligent network overlay, credit unions can assure the always-on availability of financial services and advisors, while also maximizing their IT investments and ensuring a productive workforce.

Talari SD-WAN gives your credit union:

  1. BUSINESS CONTINUITY:  The WAN keeps running during an outage, so branches won’t notice or miss a beat and ATMs will stay online.
  2. SUPERIOR USER EXPERIENCE:  Apps run faster and seamlessly for maximum productivity for your members – no dropped VoIP calls due to network issues
  3. GAME-CHANGING ECONOMICS:  10-20x improvement in cost per bandwidth.