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What Does a Network Outage Really Cost?

If the network represents the lifeblood of an enterprise, an outage equates to a very real, and very costly killer.

The corporate WAN underpins nearly every critical enterprise process today. From email, video conferencing and VoIP to cloud platform and database access, the WAN makes it possible for employees to complete important tasks and keep operations up and running.

But what happens when there is a network outage? And more specifically, what does this cost a business in terms of not only dollars, but other losses as well?

How SD-WAN Improves Cloud Performance

By now, it’s clear that the cloud is here to stay. Concerns about usage and security have all but vanished as enterprises continue to migrate more workloads to off-premise environments. In fact, cloud use is rising faster than ever before, with businesses leveraging this technology for more mission-critical capabilities.

This doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement, though. As new solutions continue to emerge, it’s helpful to see how these systems can work together to provide the best support and user experience possible. Such is the case with SD-WAN and the cloud – when used in tandem, these technologies can provide a wealth of valuable features and capabilities. But what would a strategy like this look like, and how does SD-WAN boost the power of the cloud?

eGuide: ‘10 Tips For Building A Failsafe Network’

Download this eGuide to learn more about:

  • Why SD-WAN is a smart investment for your business
  • How an SD-WAN can help reduce connectivity costs
  • How a Talari SD-WAN can measure and improve application performance

Talari Brings Affordable SD-WAN to Branch Offices Everywhere: Introducing E100

Talari has just added a new hardware appliance that offers an easy to deploy and flexible platform to support your branch network and WAN edge services requirements.

The E100 supports up to 100 Mbps of full duplex performance and is targeted for small to medium-sized branch offices. While supporting Talari’s industry leading SD-WAN capabilities, the E100 also delivers routing, firewall, DHCP services and the ability to host 3rd party applications on a single platform.

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(On-Demand) Webinar: ‘The Time Is NOW For A Failsafe SD-WAN Solution’

‘The Time Is NOW For A Failsafe SD-WAN Solution’

With all the money that you invest in your company’s wide area network, you expect a certain ROI. Watch this webinar to learn how an SD-WAN solution from Talari Networks can offer enormous potential and benefit for your IT organization with a failsafe WAN.

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