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Dr. Jim Metzler’s 2018 Guide to WAN Architecture and Design


Gain insights into the current state of the WAN and the advantages of SD-WAN adoption in our latest report from Dr. Jim Metzler, Distinguished Research Fellow and Co- Founder of Webtorials. This data-rich report includes tips for evaluating SD-WAN solutions and shares the top challenges faced by early adopters.




Enterprise Traffic Demands the Move to SD-WAN


SD-WAN offers an affordable solution to growing bandwidth demands and the need for a more reliable network. See how SD-WAN is improving cloud connectivity in our latest infographic.




Why SD-WAN Technology is Essential for the Modern Contact Center


Today’s contact centers are still a vital component of customer service, but changes in technology like VoIP means the demands of the network have changed. To support higher internet demands, companies are turning to SD-WAN to maintain reliability and reduce costs.Intellyx-logo-horizontal-327x901.jpg




What Cloud QoS and Latency Mean for IoT Applications


Will the Internet of Things (IoT) live up to its promise? A lot depends on how network latency issues are resolved in the cloud. The responsiveness and flexibility SD-WANs make them an ideal, low-cost solution for latency mitigation in the IoT.



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