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Talari Blog | Can WAN Modernization Reduce Your Network Downtime?

According to a 2016 report from Information Technology Intelligence Consulting, just one hour of network or application downtime costs at least $100,000 for 98 percent of all organizations. Without the reliability of a failsafe WAN connecting data centers and branches, these outages and security incidents become relatively frequent. The good news is that implementing a software-defined WAN is a cost-effective way to build a more secure and reliable WAN edge.

4 Enterprise IT Trends for the Second Half of 2017


Managing the corporate network is more challenging today than ever given the rise of cloud and IoT applications. SD-WAN is viewed by many as a way for companies to manage it all more effectively. As a result, SD-WAN has worked its way into the limelight.

SD-WANs and Why Telcos Would Be Mad Not to Offer Them

Telecom TV

SD-WAN is growing in popularity, with some critics saying it’s a bad fit for Telcos offering MPLS services. Atchison Frazer, WW Head of Marketing at Talari, asserts that integration with existing services is an advantage, not a drawback for Telcos who should be adopting SD-WAN early.

Talari Blog | MPLS, Broadband, Wireless: Get a Low TCO for Any Connection with SD-WAN

As businesses shift to hybrid cloud workloads, legacy WAN MPLS connections become costly to scale. SD-WAN is an augmentation strategy to the traditional MPLS WAN, having surged to more than 4,000 production implementations as of mid-2017. An SD-WAN can aggregate current MPLS links with broadband and dynamically allocate it to underperforming sites, leading to lower total cost of ownership (TCO) along with superior performance for the entire WAN.

Gartner WAN Edge Competitive Landscape Report

In this complimentary report, Gartner analyzes the current market trends and compares 23 SD-WAN vendors, including TALARI, and their offerings.

  • WAN edge market analysis and direction
  • Key findings and recommendations
  • Comparison of 23 SD-WAN vendors and their offerings
Gartner WAN Edge Competitive Review

10 Tips for Building a Failsafe Network

With all the money that you invest in your business’s wide area network, you expect a certain ROI. However, many WAN solutions still leave businesses with network outages and costly downtime. That’s why a failsafe SD-WAN is needed to create reliable network performance and application Quality of Experience. Download this eBook to learn 10 tips for building a failsafe network…

10 Tips for Building a Failsafe Network

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