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Capacity Media: Do the Failsafe


If you want to get the most out of your SD-WAN you have to know how to do the “Failsafe.” Though SD-WAN is the new popular tune, not all SD-WANs have rhythm. Knowing the “Failsafe” makes VoIP (Voice-over-IP) and other real-time, business-critical UC apps able to dance. In this Capacity Media report, learn how doing the “Failsafe” is especially important if you have applications that need to always perform at their best all the time.


3 Benefits from SD-WAN for a Smooth Transition to SaaS


There are a lot of sticking points with SaaS, preventing many organizations from maximizing its value. Ensuring a SaaS implementation meets all your performance requirements before it goes live takes careful planning. See how software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) platform can simplify the process by delivering key benefits in this article.


Terminal emulation and VDI applications face edge headwinds without failsafe SD-WANs


Businesses are feeling the winds of change as terminal emulation and VDI applications face headwinds. Talari’s Failsafe SD-WANs provides the necessary tailwinds to accelerate app performance and reliability that businesses require to ensure a quality user experience. A failsafe SD-WAN provides a virtual network overlay that will ensure reliable network performance for terminal emulation and VDI.

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