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No Jitter Article: When Seconds Count: SD-WAN Gives 911 Failsafe Last Mile Reliability
No Jitter
Whether improving a dispatch center or adopting NG911, an SD-WAN can play a critical role ensuring that when the worst happens, call takers can handle phone calls (and increasingly texts) promptly and first-responders get the detailed information they need to improve situational awareness. But not only is an SD-WAN a proven way to deliver continuous availability for the last-mile network, an SD-WAN also can help 911 call centers make the most of their IT infrastructure investments with near-constant network reliability.

Blog Post: The Last Mile of Bandwidth Access: Creating a High-Performance, Reliable VDI Environment

SD-WAN intelligence makes it possible to improve users’ VDI experiences by picking the network traffic path that has the least one-way packet loss, jitter and latency—and continuously monitoring it to immediately redirect traffic if quality dips. Equally important to enable uninterrupted performance is that SD-WANs can efficiently retransmit lost packets without degradation to the VDI session. Advanced SD-WAN solutions like Talari’s manage all that, while keeping VDI session responsiveness high with support for packet-by-packet duplication that drives down latency and lost packets. Thanks to its dynamic bandwidth management, An SD-WAN also enables high-priority applications to take precedence and render more reliably.

TechTarget Infographic: Compare the leading SD-WAN vendors before you buy

This infographic provides a leading SD-WAN vendor comparison of their deployment options, pricing, cloud connectivity options and more. Preparing for software-defined WAN deployment requires substantial research to determine what organizations need from their WANs. But with a growing number of options in this market, choosing which SD-WAN vendor to go with can be overwhelming. To help out, SearchSDN has compiled an infographic that compares leading SD-WAN vendors.

Do You Have Insight into Your WAN’s Performance?

An SD-WAN helps you solve business problems faster and make strategic purchasing decisions. It’s time to see what you’ve been missing in this video:

Genius Analytics

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Nine Network Architects Talk…

Watch this video to learn about their biggest network challenges, and how a Talari SD-WAN delivered greater resiliency, performance, capacity and peace of mind:

Not Failing the Failover Test

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