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What’s Happening at Talari Networks

Talari Releases Sixth Generation of Adaptive Private Networking (APN) 6.0 and Aware 3.0 Management Software

Talari’s sixth major release of patented software offers enterprises improved remote management capabilities that reduce the need for branch-based technical resources or support for the initial implementation or ongoing SD-WAN management. Talari’s well established centralized orchestration capability, which enables a scalable network-wide point of management, has been extended to now include a simplified basic view with configuration templates, an enhanced user interface which improves ease of use, and easy install functions. Beyond lowering the reliance on localized technical support in remote offices, organizations will be able to reduce the learning curve to administer key network services, including SD-WAN, as well as improve their ability to maintain consistent configuration when multiple administrators or groups are involved in provisioning the network.

What’s Trending at Talari Networks

3 Ways Downtime Is Holding Your Business Back

Network downtime and the inability to access critical resources can have a considerable impact on a range of different areas of business. Besides affecting company employees and their working processes, downtime can also cast a negative light when it comes to customer interactions. With so much potential for loss, it’s essential that businesses implement solutions to help ensure a failsafe network, one that can withstand link degradation and even outages. But first, it’s important to understand the havoc that downtime can wreak on your organization:

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Corporate Network

While the vast majority of enterprise leaders know the importance of the corporate WAN, many don’t give this resource a second thought until there is an outage or other problem. It’s an understandable situation – executives have a lot on their plates, and if something isn’t broken, there’s no need to fix it, right? Well, when it comes to the WAN, there are a few important things all decision-makers should know. Technology usage is changing right alongside the times – new and emerging solutions may mean the time is right to rethink the way your company leverages its network. In this spirit, let’s take a look at a handful of the most essential facts you should understand about the network that underpins your organization:

(On-Demand) Webinar: ‘The Time Is NOW For A Failsafe SD-WAN Solution’

‘The Time Is NOW For A Failsafe SD-WAN Solution’

With all the money that you invest in your company’s wide area network, you expect a certain ROI. Watch this webinar to learn how an SD-WAN solution from Talari Networks can offer enormous potential and benefit for your IT organization with a failsafe WAN.

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eGuide: ‘10 Tips For Building A Failsafe Network’

    Download this eGuide to learn more about:

  • Why SD-WAN is a smart investment for your business
  • How an SD-WAN can help reduce connectivity costs
  • How a Talari SD-WAN can measure and improve application performance
  • How to achieve sub-second response for seamless failover

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Talari Networks Technical Training

Interested in technical training to learn how to deploy and configure a Talari SD-WAN or implement QoS across the WAN? If you are an existing customer or channel partner, we have two 2-day classes scheduled for December 6th-7th to help you get up to speed. For more information on the classes, download our training brief or contact .

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