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CRN Exclusive: Talari Crowns Former Dell Exec As CEO, Plans To Go 100 Percent Channel


Talari Networks has named Dell veteran Patrick Sweeney as its new leader, and Sweeney plans on relying heavily on partners as the SD-WAN market takes off, the IT veteran told CRN.

Sweeney’s first priority in his new role is channel maturity and growing Talari’s footprint of partners.




Is There a Future for Blockchain-Enabled SD-WAN?


Traditional networks are notorious for being expensive, static, and taking months to deploy, which is simply unacceptable for a blockchain-enabled network. To be successful, a blockchain transport layer needs low-cost public internet links that can be deployed with reliability, and must always be available to all users. As SD-WAN becomes more prominent and blockchain technology advances, it is easy to envision using blockchain architecture as a transport layer, with a centralized SD-WAN controller to manage real-time system events and network activity.




Maricopa Region 911 Runs on a Talari SD-WAN


For Phoenix-based emergency response Maricopa Region 911 (MR911), network resiliency can literally be a matter of life or death. When performance issues started causing unacceptable delays, MR911 implemented a Talari SD-WAN to respond faster in critical moments and built the foundation for NextGeneration 911.




MPLS, Carrier Ethernet or Commodity Internet in the Industrial Internet of Things?


Why have SD-WANs entered the mainstream? One reason is their ability to solve problems not already addressed by carrier Ethernet and MPLS network technologies. SD-WAN providers can deliver a next-gen edge solution capable of combining multiple links, including Ethernet, commodity Internet and MPLS variants, within a resilient and responsive network.



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