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Is there a future for Blockchain-enabled SD-WANs?


Blockchain is a fast growing digital ledger technology that can support many valuable applications requiring secure, resilient network access to end users. To be successful, a blockchain transport layer needs low-cost public internet links that can be deployed with reliability and are always available to all users.

Traditional networks are expensive and can take months to deploy, which is insufficient for blockchain. Because SD-WANs are predictable and support real-time application performance, it is likely that SD-WANs will play an important role in future blockchain deployments.




Talari Expands SD-WAN Platform for Service-Chaining Hosted Apps


We’ve recently announced the release of our E1000 appliance which enables service-chaining hosted third party applications, delivering greater high availability and throughput with up to 2 Gbps full duplex performance. The E1000 enables companies with medium to large branch offices to scale SD-WAN deployments seamlessly, ensuring WAN connectivity is abundant, fast and easy to deploy.




eBook: 5 ways SD-WAN is transforming cloud connectivity


As organizations grow and network usage increases, the WAN struggles to keep up with demands from users and bandwidth-hungry applications! Inevitably, apps slow down and become unreliable, causing problems for the businesses and their customers. SD-WAN is a new solution that enables companies to respond in real time to network needs and avoid costly outages. Learn more about the advantages of SD-WAN in our new eBook.




Talari’s intelligent-edge appliances streamline operations for Enterprise WAN’s


As businesses become more virtual and transition from on-premises to the hybrid-cloud, the networks managed by SD-WAN become even more business-critical. Enterprise IP networks need to be safeguarded by securing Unified Communications (UC), and assuring the highest levels of service quality. Find out how Talari’s intelligent-edge appliances streamline operations and manage diverse communications for enterprise WANs.



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