Why MSPs Partner with Talari

Talari MSP partners deliver a next-generation WAN across any physical, cloud or virtual location – aggregating multiple network connections so that they are manageable as one with zero-touch IT perimeter installation. Talari’s unique ability to drop into existing WAN architectures without rip and replace, while extending the customer’s investments in existing infrastructure, is a distinct time-to-market advantage for MSPs. Talari MSP partners will be able to quantify significant benefits derived from SD-WAN that include:

  • Optimizing lower cost, higher bandwidth network links to provides reliable and secure connectivity between sites
  • Transforming low quality Internet links to business-class infrastructure
  • Integration of cloud, security and WAN-optimization with real-time and interactive apps

Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) is a game-changing solution that allows enterprises to move from a rigid, expensive and complex network infrastructure to flexible, cost-effective, reliable and highly-scalable WANs that easily adapt to diverse business agility demands. Managed SD-WAN services offer MSPs recurring revenue and deliver high-value solutions to their customers. SD-WAN enables MSPs to shorten the time required to bring up new network services for their enterprise customers. Service automation is accomplished through centralized management and zero-touch provisioning that quickly configures and populates WAN-edge appliances (physical or virtual) deployed at each customer location or remote site.

The Failsafe SD-WAN platform powered by Talari is designed to allow MSP partners that are developing or expanding a managed service practice to create a unique offering that combines networking, WAN-optimization and security services under a single management portal, Talari Aware, that simplifies the expanding number of nodes and protocols required to manage, while increasing opportunities to add monthly recurring subscription revenue.

Why Managed Service Providers Choose Talari?

More than just a next generation WAN

  • Delivers a WAN across any physical, cloud or virtual location - aggregating multiple network connections to look like one
  • Optimizes lower cost, higher bandwidth network links - provides reliable and secure connectivity between sites
  • Transforms low quality internet links to business-class infrastructure
  • Controlled deployments with visibility and reporting into the WAN and applications
  • Integration of cloud, security and WAN-optimization with real-time and interactive apps

Today’s business drivers including Cloud, Big Data, Security and IOT align well with Talari’s next generation SD-WAN technology, which helps multi-site organizations transform their remote and branch-office networks by intelligently allocating more bandwidth at less cost, while delivering superior QoS for greater business continuity, operational agility and application control. Talari provides a truly failsafe Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution offering dynamic capacity, improved reliability and greater quality of experience. Talari’s patented hardware and virtual solutions provide the most resilient and responsive network, delivering stable, complex traffic across the widest area networks and hybrid-cloud IT infrastructures, regardless of the underlying transport technology or application architecture.

Are you ready to hit the market with new and innovative services?

  • Straightforward subscription engagements – rapidly formulate a Talari-powered service
  • Maximize margins by creating additional revenue generating services
  • Get your customers up and running in no time with zero-touch provisioning
  • Expedite fully operational service lead times for multi-site customers.  Once shipped Talari device is on site, it can be online in minutes
  • Reduce the cost of deploying on-site hardware to support a managed service.  Talari devices are 100% centrally managed and require zero on-site network configuration-no need for high skilled IT personnel on-site
  • Offer your customers proactive fault monitoring with automated alerts to detect and resolve a potential issue even before your customers has noticed
  • Accelerate proof-of-concept testing and minimize sales and NOC training requirements with the use of Talari’s intuitive cloud management tools
  • Resolve customer support issues in real-time, remotely:
    • Remote Troubleshooting – Talari dashboard provides insight into circuit issues to minimize the frequency of engineer site call outs
    • Configuration Templates – Drastically lower your operational costs with configuration templated.  Multiple Talari devices can to linked to share one shared configuration
    • Firmware Updates- No cost, seamless over-the-web updates
    • Automated Alerts - Reduce workload on staff. Set up automated alerts for high priority ports to proactively maintain customer networks and reduce erratic support loads

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