Benevis-Affiliated Dentists Harness New Talari Software Defined WAN Technology to Address IT Network Service Challenges in Underserved Communities

Reduces Overall Network Spend by 39% for Selected Offices; Replaces MPLS in all Talari-powered Offices

MARIETTA, Ga. and SAN JOSE, Calif. — April 16, 2015 — Benevis, a leading healthcare practice services company, has helped children’s dental provider Kool Smiles overcome technology challenges, increase network efficiency and improve the dentist experience in 30 offices located in underserved communities throughout the United States including its headquarters, thanks to a new Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution from Talari. Benevis attributes Talari’s technology for a reduction in network spend by 39 percent for selected offices and has replaced MPLS in all Talari-powered offices.

Kool Smiles affiliated dentists provide dental treatments to underserved urban and rural communities, which often lack access to high-quality, stable broadband connections. Network infrastructure in these areas is typically substandard, with many offices experiencing recurring network outages and poor performance. These outages can cause downtime and delay for needed dental care. Network challenges can also dissuade dentists from locating in these areas, creating another access hurdle for patients in these communities.

To address this performance problem in affected Kool Smiles dental office locations, Benevis deployed Talari’s SD-WAN solution as part of its comprehensive IT support services. Talari’s solution has increased the capacity, quality and reliability of these networks, helping to transform underperforming circuits for dental offices into some of the most efficient. The result has been decreased costs and improved experience for both dentists and patients with Benevis’ award winning Electronic Health Records (EHR) system, Boomerang.

In addition, traffic shaping using Talari’s advanced QoS (Quality of Service) tuning capabilities led to better user perception of system speed and quality, as well as improved handling of complex traffic (e.g., VoIP telephony, Citrix transactions, large dental image transfers) that was not possible with standard carrier MPLS QoS capabilities.

“Our affiliate Kool Smiles dentists rely on efficient network performance to meet the dental health care needs of thousands of patients, many of whom would otherwise not have access to quality dental care in their communities,” said Tom Nance, CEO for Benevis. “We are thrilled to offer these new innovative technology solutions to address the unique delivery challenges in these dental offices, improve the patient experience, and ultimately, make a tangible difference in lives of the dentists and patients we serve.”

Following deployment in 2012, the percentage of Kool Smiles dental offices meeting their 99.9% uptime target improved from 53.1% in 2012 to 96.2% in 2014, resulting in less system-wide disruption and a more manageable network for limited IT resources to troubleshoot and maintain. The Talari SD-WAN technology also provides tangible benefits for users, such as improved application response time.

“We estimate an overall drop in costs and subsequent increase in dentist satisfaction as a result of Talari deployments, as the new system decreases circuit costs while improving performance,” said Nance.

Due to Talari’s initial success, Benevis has since broadened implementation to introduce the Talari SD-WAN virtual network overlay solution in 30 Kool Smiles offices nationwide.

For more information on the success of the Kool Smiles project, please see the Talari whitepaper at

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