Benevis Smiles with Next Generation WAN Routing Solution from Talari

SAN JOSE, Calif. – February 7, 2017Talari Networks, the SD-WAN pioneer, and Benevis, a comprehensive dental practice services company, today announced they collaborated on a router replacement project that has enabled Benevis to eliminate aging network equipment and replace it with a modern SD-WAN solution. This transition also provides Benevis with a cost-effective WAN Edge to address business application performance and availability challenges.

“Talari has become a trusted partner, enabling us to simultaneously increase our WAN reliability, availability, and performance, while reducing circuit costs and maintenance overhead,” said Andrew Gurbaxani, vice president of analytics and networking at Benevis. “Working closely with Talari engineers and support, we solved a pressing router replacement problem by utilizing our deployed Talari infrastructure. This approach allowed us to streamline our branch networks and reduce WAN costs while simplifying WAN management and troubleshooting.”

“Benevis is a great example of how Talari works closely with our customers to address their WAN, branch services and application requirements,” said John Dickey, co-founder, president and chief operating officer of Talari Networks. “We are committed to evolving our SD-WAN solution and leading the new WAN edge transition that is critical to support the next generation of network services and applications.”

About the Benevis/Talari Router Collaboration
Benevis needed more bandwidth at its Kool Smiles dental clinics to offset the growing requirements of bandwidth-hungry services that process large files, e.g. orthodontic images. Additionally, Benevis needs to support real-time applications on an ongoing basis, including VoIP.

Soon after implementing the Talari solution, a large number of branch routers were due for a refresh. Instead of investing in costly new routers from their existing networking equipment vendor, Benevis initiated their innovative “Talari-as-a-Router” project and leveraged their existing SD-WAN implementation to support their branch routing needs.

Talari appliances, created to deliver hybrid and SD-WAN technologies, now include network services such as routing protocol and stateful firewall support. These services enable Talari to address the growing requirement of enterprises to reduce the number of installed network devices used in deploying a secure WAN edge infrastructure, as well as the associated acquisition and management costs.

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About Benevis
Benevis is a comprehensive practice services company committed to improving healthcare access by providing non-clinical, business support services to many of the nation’s leading healthcare organizations. Benevis allows practitioners to maximize their clinical outreach, reduce time spent on paperwork and increase time serving patients. For more information on Benevis and becoming an affiliated dentist, please visit

About Talari Networks
Talari Networks, the trusted SD-WAN technology and market leader, engineers the internet and branch for maximum business impact by designing failsafe WANs that deliver superior business-critical application reliability and resiliency, while unlocking the simplification and cost reduction benefits of branch consolidation.

Talari’s comprehensive solution supports a variety of network services in physical, virtual and cloud locations, which can be acquired through perpetual licensing, monthly subscription rates or as-a-service.

Passionate and committed to their customers, Talari has incorporated eight years of innovation into six generations of product and is successfully deployed across thousands of sites in over 40 countries.

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