Failsafe SD-WAN Innovator Talari Appoints New VP OF WW Channel Sales and Posts Record Sales

SAN JOSE, Calif., February 6, 2018 – Talari Networks – innovator of the industry’s most reliable failsafe SD-WAN solutions – announced today the appointment of George Just as Vice President of worldwide Channel Sales for Talari on the heels of the company posting record fourth quarter sales, which grew 86 percent year-over-year.

Just joined Talari in 2014 as VP of the Central U.S. region where he immediately embarked on developing a channel-centric sales model. As part of Talari’s go-to-market strategy, Just secured Master Agent Avant Communications as a key partner last year, and later partnered with Tier 1 distributor TechData as their only pure-play SD-WAN vendor.

“George pioneered Talari’s channel strategy,” said Talari CEO Patrick Sweeney. “We are pleased to recognize George’s expertise and commitment by naming him the global Talari Channel Chief; Talari is 100% committed to his expanding vision of working even more closely with MSP and systems integration channel partners to increase their business opportunities and sales pipelines, especially with real-time apps like VoIP.”

Just has over 30 years of experience in networking as an engineer, sales manager and sales leader. Prior to joining Talari, Just was the director of sales for Alcatel Internetworking where he led multi-tiered sales efforts for their Ethernet switch/router business in North America. Just joined Alcatel upon its acquisition of Xylan, a pioneer in the Ethernet switch and VLAN markets, where he successfully developed a profitable channel and distribution sales division after starting as one of the initial sales professionals hired at the start-up. Prior to Xylan, Just held a variety of sales, management and engineering positions at Proteon, Sprint, Telenet and Fibronics.

“I’m thrilled to expand my roll with Talari, a market leader with nearly 100 percent existing business renewals and nearly 90 percent new business growth,” said Just. “Talari’s strong channel partnerships, and the accelerating rate that VARs and SIs are offering SD-WAN services, truly makes this an exciting time for Talari.”

Increased adoption of cloud and SaaS-based applications has had a significant impact on the volume and volatility of enterprise WAN traffic. The trends toward voice, video and cloud-edge connectivity have increased bandwidth requirements and put pressure on the performance of many traditional applications sensitive to the responsiveness and latency of WAN services. SD-WAN technology enables systems integrators and MSPs to modernize distributed enterprise and hybrid-cloud infrastructure performance.

About Talari
Talari is the original innovator of SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN) technology and the leader in offering carrier-agnostic, failsafe SD-WANs. Talari delivers advanced MPLS-class reliability and application QoE (Quality of Experience) for both hybrid and all-Internet WANs, compared to competitor offerings that sacrifice application performance predictability enterprises expect from their MPLS WANs. Talari technology delivers a multi-network WAN solution with 100 times more bandwidth for the same investment, a reduction in WAN costs by 40-80%, and greater reliability and application QoE than any single MPLS network. Talari provides more attractive Internet economics, radically reduced troubleshooting costs, and superior cloud access and support for hybrid-cloud IT infrastructures and next-generation apps like web/video conferencing and Saleforce. Talari’s patented solutions – hardware, virtual and cloud – have proven so effective at delivering failsafe WANs that Talari is uniquely trusted to broker real-time VoIP traffic in large metro 911-emergency contact centers. Talari is deployed in over 500 customers in 40 different countries with more than 9,000 aggregated SD-WAN sites.

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