Magnum Semiconductor Uses Adaptive Private Networking to Economically Interconnect Global Design Centers (PDF)

A Hybrid Network of MPLS and Public Internet Connections Delivers High Bandwidth Transfers and Predictable Performance for VoIP

Cupertino, Calif., December 8, 2009 — Talari Networks™ — the leader in transforming virtualized-WANs by delivering the Internet economics and reliability of Adaptive Private Networking — today announced that Magnum Semiconductor, a leading provider of chips, software and platforms for consumer entertainment systems, has installed APN at their global design centers to solve bandwidth, network stability and cost issues.

With global operations that leverage research and development teams around the world, Magnum found that MPLS, while stable, was simply too expensive for all of their traffic. WAN optimization wasn’t a suitable solution because much of the traffic was highly compressed video files. Adding connectivity over the Internet boosted bandwidth; but delivering consistent application performance over parallel networks, of low bandwidth MPLS and unreliable IPSec VPNs, was difficult to manage.

“We researched multiple network accelerator and optimization alternatives. These solutions only seemed to help with application delivery and did not offer what we needed for large file transfers, file mirroring, syncing and backups,” said John Wunder, Director of IT for Magnum Semiconductor. “Talari’s Adaptive Private Networking gives me the ability to leverage the Internet with more effectiveness. APN aggregates my MPLS and Internet links, expanding the bandwidth capabilities at each of my sites. That is pretty huge!”

Like many companies, Magnum uses Voice-over-IP (VoIP) for cost effective site-to-site communication, but they couldn’t take full advantage of the QoS functions of MPLS because those links couldn’t carry all of the traffic between sites. “By deploying APN I got QoS ‘for free’ and didn’t need to build out any extra infrastructure,” stated Wunder. “In addition aggregating MPLS with my primary Internet links has long term cost savings. The additional ports of the T700 will allow me to add lower cost primary links in the future.”

John Wunder will be speaking about Magnum Semiconductor’s experience with APN at the Network World IT Roadmap Conference & Expo in San Francisco on December 10th 2009.

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