Maricopa Region 911 Marks Five Years without Network Failure with Talari Network’s Software Defined WAN

Talari to showcase 911 capabilities through network reliability at upcoming NENA Conference

SAN JOSE, Calif. — June 8, 2016 — Talari Networks, the trusted SD-WAN technology and market leader that engineers the internet and branch for maximum business impact by designing failsafe WANs, today announced that Maricopa Region 911 has celebrated five years of using Talari’s SD-WAN solution to ensure the highest levels of reliability for its 911 network.

Maricopa Region 911 serves the needs of Phoenix, Arizona and the 9,000 square-mile surrounding area. Twenty-five public safety answering points (PSAPs), which take emergency calls and dispatch police, fire and medical assistance, are serviced by Maricopa Region 911. It expects to handle more than 2.5 million wireless 911 calls by the end of 2016.

“When the carriers have an outage, our 911-call takers are not impacted,” says Dave Dansevicus, 911 Integrated Systems Administrator, Maricopa Region 911. “The peace of mind and visibility we get with Talari is invaluable in terms of knowing we are going to deliver those calls without interruption. After five years, I can’t imagine how we’d manage the WAN without Talari.”

A Talari SD-WAN connects Maricopa Region 911’s PSAPs and data centers and is the foundation for next-generation 911 services. The value of Talari’s SD-WAN solution has grown over time, including:

  • Uncompromising network reliability for 911 calls, caller location mapping, system monitoring and diagnostics, and system backups over a converged IP network
  • Lowered costs by switching to metro Ethernet without interrupting 911 dispatch and eliminating analog voice trunks
  • Enhanced network resiliency with three or more bandwidth providers
  • Not tied to a single hardware vendor at the WAN edge

“With Talari’s SD-WAN, an outage won’t degrade critical applications or services,” says Michele Hayes, VP of Marketing at Talari Networks. “Talari constantly measures the factors that may impact quality, such as jitter and delay, and intelligently adapts in real time to change network conditions, and provide a resilient, reliable, and failsafe network. This is critical when it comes to a 911 call and every second counts.

For more details on Maricopa Region 911’s use of Talari’s SD-WAN, click here.

To learn more about Talari Networks’ 911 capabilities through network reliability be sure to stop by booth #438 at the NENA Conference taking place June 11-16, 2016 in Indianapolis, IN.

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