Talari Awarded U.S. Patent

Patent Award for Technology that Enables Enterprises to Drastically Reduce Network Costs by Transforming Multiple Inexpensive Internet Bandwidth Sources into a Business-Class Network

San Jose, Calif. — March 14, 2012 — Talari Networks, Inc. today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded the company a patent for its breakthrough technology that enables enterprises to aggregate multiple networks into a “virtual” Wide Area Network (WAN). Talari’s patented packet-based Adaptive Private Network (APN) technology bundles multiple, cost-effective links and creates a diverse high-capacity network, thereby improving overall WAN performance predictability and reliability while drastically reducing costs.

The WAN is increasing in its strategic importance to global enterprises as a result of a number of converging business trends: the growth of remote offices/branches/teleworkers and data center centralization; broader deployment of cloud computing requiring higher network bandwidth than traditional computing; and the adoption of a new class of business applications including videoconferencing, VoIP, and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that are more sensitive to network performance than traditional applications such as e-mail.

“We’ve essentially converted the Internet into a low cost, highly reliable, enterprise-class WAN,” said Emerick Woods, CEO, Talari Networks. “As a result, customers like Equity Office have achieved ROI in ten months, reduced their annual WAN costs by 50%, and increased their quality of service (QoS) for mission-critical applications like VoIP.”

By continuously analyzing the characteristics such as latency, jitter and loss for each available path across multiple service provider networks and selecting the fastest and most reliable path for each packet based on this analysis, the APN patent is a critical element of Talari’s WAN Performance Optimization technology. The patent includes mitigating poor performance on low-cost public networks; real-time traffic monitoring of each available network for loss, jitter and latency (20 times/second); and sub second switching between networks to ensure that the best available network is being used, while still delivering four nines in reliability.

U.S. Patent No. 8,125,907, dated Feb. 28, 2012, was awarded to four Talari Networks’ employees: John Earnest Avery, Stephen Craig Connors, John Edward Dickey and Andrew Joshua Gottlieb.

About Talari Networks

Talari Networks WAN Virtualization solutions bring Internet economics to corporate WANs by transforming broadband and other affordable Internet links to deliver business-class reliability and performance predictability at consumer prices. Talari delivers a network with 30 to 100 times the bandwidth per dollar, ongoing WAN costs reduced by 40% to 90%, and greater reliability than existing corporate WANs. In 2011, Talari was named a Gartner Cool Vendor and its Mercury T750 won Best of Interop–Performance Optimization. For more information, please visit www.talari.com.