Talari Expands APN Appliance Capabilities in Major New Software Release

APN Software 2.0 Improves Network Visibility, Management System Integration and Boosts Performance for TCP/IP Based Applications

Interop 2010 Las Vegas, April 27, 2010 Talari Networks, Inc. the company bringing WAN virtualization and cloud economics to Enterprise networking today announced a major software upgrade for the Mercury APN Appliance Family.

APN software release (APNware) 2.0 fully integrates with existing management systems and provides detailed visibility into the performance of the individual Wide Area Network (WAN) connections which are part of a Virtual WAN. Built-in diagnostics quickly pinpoint network configuration errors and simplify product testing and deployment. WAN virtualization can significantly increase available bandwidth for remote offices, so TCP/IP termination is now supported to maximize performance on high bandwidth, high latency TCP/IP flows.

To perform real-time per-packet traffic engineering, an APN appliance keeps very detailed statistics on the loss, latency, jitter and bandwidth consumption for every available network path. In APNware 2.0 this information is now viewable in interactive charts which provide performance and quality data down to a per minute granularity.

“In the first generation of our solution we focused primarily on the difficult problem of combining different sources of IP bandwidth in a way that makes those connections reliable and predictable enough for business use,” said Keith Morris, Vice President of Marketing, Talari Networks Inc. “In APNware 2.0 we have taken feedback from our current APN customers and used it to make the technology easier to install, manage and integrate within a customers’ existing IT infrastructure.”

About APNware 2.0
APNware 2.0 is available today on the Talari Customer Support Portal as a free upgrade for existing customers. Major capabilities include:

  • Full Management System Integration
  • Built in Network Diagnostics
  • Interactive Performance and Quality Reports
  • TCP/IP Termination

Visit Talari at Interop Booth#2619 to see APNware 2.0 in action.

About Talari Networks

Talari Networks does for Enterprise WANs what RAID did for storage – delivering a network with 30 to 100 times the bits per dollar, ongoing WAN costs reduced by 40% to 90%, and greater reliability than existing corporate WANs – bringing Moore’s Law and Internet economics to Enterprise WAN buyers, outsourcers and MSPs for the first time in 15 years. For more information, please visit www.talari.com. Talari Networks…Swift and Sure.