Talari Expands SD-WAN Platform and Partner Ecosystem For Secure Network Transformation

SAN JOSE, Calif., August 1, 2017 – Talari Networks – innovator of the most reliable SD-WAN technology – announced today that its latest software release now includes WAN optimization services that will run natively in the core platform at no extra cost. It also unveiled a jointly validated solution with Zscaler, the leader in cloud security, to help companies transform from their hub-and-spoke network architectures to secure, direct-to-cloud connections.

Talari SD-WAN technology makes it easy to establish local Internet breakouts, and the company is partnering with Zscaler to ensure the breakouts are secured, without the cost and complexity of deploying additional security appliances on customer premises.

The jointly validated solution enables Talari SD-WAN edge nodes to transparently forward all Internet traffic to the Zscaler™ cloud over IPsec tunnels, providing a faster user experience, reducing bandwidth costs and simplifying operations. This service will be delivered via Talari’s Adaptive Private Networking (APN) software (Release 7.0), available on all currently supported physical, virtual and cloud appliances. The Talari solution delivers:

  • IPsec tunnels to the Zscaler cloud with one active tunnel per Talari SD-WAN node
  • Talari app-aware routing rules to selectively determine what traffic to forward to Zscaler

“Users are demanding faster access to their apps, but traditional network architectures deliver just the opposite,” said Punit Minocha, Zscaler VP of business development. “We are excited to work with Talari Networks to help companies securely migrate from the old world of the hub-and-spoke architecture to the new world of secure direct-to-cloud connections. The result of the joint solution is a secure, fast user experience, reduced MPLS costs and fewer appliances.”

Integrated WAN Optimization

Talari SD-WAN solutions now provide native support for core WAN-optimization features, such as data compression and deduplication of data, in addition to congestion controls. Talari WAN Optimization (WAN-Op) is a composite feature that increases efficiency across the WAN for bulk file-transfer traffic, especially for data requested by more than one user at the same location. By combining WAN-Op with Talari SD-WAN software, organizations can simplify the branch office and create cost efficiencies to network administrators’ IT procurement scope.

“Cloud security remains a top concern among many of our end-user customers, especially heavily-regulated sectors such as healthcare that also must maintain compliance when handling sensitive data,” said Nate Olson-Daniel, director of strategic development, LightEdge Solutions, a Talari managed services partner. “Talari’s SD-WAN solution not only encrypts data at the packet level, but now adding a SD-WAN point of integration with the Zscaler secure cloud gateway provides deeper levels of security assurance than ever before.”

Talari is differentiated in the market by its continuous per-packet, unidirectional performance analytics that factor in packet loss, latency, jitter and bandwidth between all paths and aggregated. Talari uniquely enables adaptive, deterministic per-packet optimal WAN-path selection, parsed in sub-second responses, to degrading network issues such as link or device failures and/or congestion-based disruption or outages. It also allows for the replication of flows and packets across disparate links, which is especially important to high availability of real-time apps like VoIP or UCaaS that require superior Quality of Experience (QoE) standards.

“Talari’s integration with Zscaler provides an app-centric cloud security solution for a growing number of current and potential customers who view centralized cloud security as the best way to connect to cloud services, especially from a compliance standpoint for large enterprises with far-flung corporate and affiliate remote sites,” said Atchison Frazer, head of worldwide marketing, Talari Networks. “Talari’s new WAN optimization features are offered organically, while helping Talari compete for WAN-optimization renewal budgets and accelerating new customer transition to Talari’s superior ‘simply-defined’ WAN-Edge solutions.”

SD-WAN Performance Expansion

In addition to secure cloud gateway and WAN-Op services, Talari APN 7.0 provides new performance expansion features for Talari appliances.

Talari is expanding the VT800 virtual appliance performance rating to multi-Gig, which allows the virtual appliance to evolve from a small branch solution to one that addresses data center requirements. From a cloud perspective, the additional performance enhancements for Azure enable more customers, who are decommissioning legacy data centers, to focus on cloud servers as the first choice for enterprise services. Talari is also extending the performance of VT1000 virtual appliances to 1Gbps on VMware ESX. This new capability helps Talari expand its virtual and cloud offerings to support the performance requirements of mid-market sites.

Talari is also enhancing its performance ratings for these hardware products:

  • E100: from 100Mbps to 200Mbps
  • T860: from 200Mbps to 800Mbps
  • T3010: from 500Mbps to 1Gbps
  • T5200: from 3Gbps to 5Gbps

About Talari
Talari is the original innovator of SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN) technology, helping multi-site organizations transform their remote and branch-office networks by intelligently allocating more bandwidth at less cost, while delivering superior QoS for greater business continuity, operational agility and application control. Talari provides a ‘failsafe’ SD-WAN solution offering dynamic capacity, improved reliability and greater quality of experience.  Our patented hardware and virtual solutions have proven so effective at delivering optimal WAN-path determination that Talari is uniquely trusted to broker real-time, VoIP traffic in large metro 911-emergency contact centers. Talari provides the most resilient and responsive edge network, delivering stable and redundant packet-level performance across hybrid-cloud IT infrastructures, regardless of the underlying transport technology or application architecture. Talari is deployed in over 400 customers in 40 different countries with more than 9,000 aggregated SD-WAN sites.

To learn more about Talari, visit www.talari.com.

Media Contact: Peter Brooks, (415) 425-4225, peterjbrooks@msn.com

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