Talari Networks Accelerates and Streamlines SD-WAN Implementation and Administration

Sixth generation of software delivers new ease of use capabilities for plug and play SD-WAN deployment

SAN JOSE, Calif., – October 17, 2016 Talari Networks, the trusted software-defined WAN leader, today announced the availability of its Adaptive Private Networking (APN) 6.0 and Aware 3.0 management software which deliver a rapid and easy way for enterprises to deploy and support Talari SD-WAN and branch office simplification solutions.

Talari’s sixth major release of patented software offers enterprises improved remote management capabilities that reduce the need for branch-based technical resources or support for the initial implementation or ongoing SD-WAN management. Talari’s well established centralized orchestration capability, which enables a scalable network-wide point of management, has been extended to now include a simplified basic view with configuration templates, an enhanced user interface which improves ease of use, and easy install functions. Beyond lowering the reliance on localized technical support in remote offices, organizations will be able to reduce the learning curve to administer key network services, including SD-WAN, as well as improve their ability to maintain consistent configuration when multiple administrators or groups are involved in provisioning the network. The benefits of this approach bring reduced operational expenditures from lower administrative and training costs and faster availability of services – which improves return on investment dramatically.

Talari Aware, the centralized management system for a Talari SD-WAN and branch office simplification solutions, has been updated as well. Release 3.0 supports all of the new capabilities being delivered in APN 6.0.

“As the market transitions from legacy router-based WANs to emerging SD-WAN infrastructures, there is an expectation and demand for technology that minimizes the investment required to deploy and manage the solution,” said John Dickey, president and COO at Talari Networks. “While the centralized, controller-based architecture utilized by Talari could already deliver on a majority of these requirements, the new capabilities in APN 6.0 demonstrate how Talari continues to take key steps to making our solution much easier to implement.”

The Talari’s Basic View delivers a new configuration mode that removes infrequently deployed capabilities, allowing an administrator to focus on core configuration parameters from within a simple and refreshed GUI. Talari’s Configuration Templates allow administrators to easily establish a common configuration that can be quickly reused to scale the execution of common, repetitive configuration tasks. Talari’s Easy Install automates the initial deployment process for a factory shipped Talari appliance.  With this capability, branch personnel will only have to unbox, add power and connect a single network cable to allow a Talari appliance to connect to an enterprise’s central controller for further provisioning.

APN 6.0 is available on all shipping Talari appliances which offer customers a turnkey physical option that is quick and easy to deploy. It is also available on Talari’s virtual appliances that run on Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESX, Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure and allow organizations to utilize their choice of cloud or Intel x86-based platforms to support their SD-WAN and branch office simplification efforts.

For more information, please visit https://www.talari.com/products

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