Talari Networks Announces New APN Operating Software for its Mercury WAN Appliances

APN 3.0 Creates a Fully Meshed Network Across the Public/Private Internet that Automatically Adjusts to Traffic Pattern Shifts, and Provides Network Visibility & Single-Point Configuration

San Jose, Calif. — May 6, 2013 — Talari Networks, Inc., a leading provider of solutions to increase WAN reliability and application quality, today announced APN 3.0, a significant upgrade to its APN (Adaptive Private Networking) operating software to support its family of Mercury WAN appliances. Talari is demonstrating APN 3.0 for the first time at Interop Las Vegas this week, Booth #2450.

With the introduction of APN 3.0, Talari’s WAN solution dynamically builds fully meshed connections in reaction to application demand across an aggregated virtual WAN consisting of broadband, leased-line and other links. This allows enterprises to have a network that automatically adapts to changing traffic patterns and bandwidth demands to ensure that mission-critical applications receive priority and real-time applications are provided the QoS levels they require to perform optimally. In the past, companies were only able to achieve this dynamic network architecture through a combination of disparate technologies or through an expensive fully meshed MPLS network.

Key new features and benefits of the APN 3.0 software release include:

  • Dynamic Conduits — Allows the automated build up and tear down of a fully meshed network that reacts to changing traffic demands by creating best-path, multi-link tunnels across private or public Internet access links. As traffic from location to location exceeds bandwidth policy reservation thresholds or failures are detected, APN 3.0 builds a dynamic tunnel between those locations in real-time, allowing traffic to bypass some hops to decrease latency. All paths/links are monitored on a sub-second basis for quality, including the new ones, to ensure latency has been decreased. With dynamic conduits, network managers don’t have to anticipate traffic patterns and they can ensure adequate bandwidth exists for critical traffic and no sessions fail.
  • Single Point Configuration — Talari’s WAN appliances communicate with one another to build an image of the network, the possible paths through the network, and the latency, loss and
    jitter of each path. This alleviates the need to configure each device within the network or to manually anticipate changing network demands.
  • Complete Network Visibility — A new off-board Network Management System (NMS) provides full visibility of the Talari network, devices and all links, allowing network managers to easily visualize traffic patterns, quality issues and network outages.

“With APN 3.0, Talari has again raised the bar for heterogeneous WAN management and optimization,” commented Peter Christy, research director, networking, at 451 Research. “With the latest Adaptive Private Network features, IT managers see the entire WAN and are assured of performance, quality and reliability providing business and network continuity while enabling easy-to-manage and cost-effective cloud computing, BYOD, real-time interactive applications, server centralization and remote office connectivity.”

“To achieve even close to the same functionality offered by APN 3.0, a company would have to overlay several technologies and do the necessary configuration to make them all work together. For example, the dynamic conduit capability with bandwidth reservation and automatic failover included with APN 3.0 could be accomplished by setting up dynamic VPNs, RSVP and a failover technology. However, without the single configuration point and comprehensive visibility provided by Talari’s network views, each of these capabilities and technologies would have to be configured correctly on multiple devices throughout the network,” said Donna Johnson, director of product marketing, Talari.

Johnson continued, “In addition to creating dynamic conduits, APN 3.0 features built-in encryption for all traffic passing across the Internet, end-to-end bandwidth reservation and failover to ensure high-quality support of unpredictable traffic, while also ascertaining that mission-critical business applications always have priority over less critical or less quality-sensitive applications.”

APN 3.0 is fully compatible with leading network management and reporting tools. The operating software will be generally available in July 2013 and accessible via the Talari Customer Support Portal as a free upgrade for existing customers and the NMS will be sold as an optional add-on product.

About Talari Networks, Inc.

Talari Networks is redefining WAN reliability and application performance quality. By aggregating multiple diverse networks into a virtual WAN and continuously adapting traffic based on the availability and real-time quality of the network paths, Talari ensures applications that rely on a WAN are not affected by underlying network issues. Talari’s patented technology delivers significant cost savings over single-provider networks while also increasing reliability and quality. Talari has received numerous industry awards and accolades, including: Best of Interop–Performance Optimization, Techworld Awards–Networking Application Product of the Year, and named a Gartner Cool Vendor, CRN Top 10 Products to see at Interop and CRN Data Center 100 List. For more information, visit www.talari.com.