Talari Networks Brings High Availability Capabilities to T3000 Data Center Network Appliance

Simultaneous Hardware Upgrade Boosts Performance by More than 50 Percent

Cupertino, Calif., December 2, 2009 — Talari Networks™ — the leader in transforming virtualized-WANs by delivering the Internet economics and reliability of Adaptive Private Networking — today announced a software upgrade that delivers High Availability capabilities to the company’s Mercury T3000 data center appliance. At the same time Talari announced a new hardware upgrade for the T3000 that, using Intel’s Xeon 5500 processors (formerly code named “Nehalem”), increases bandwidth by more than 50 percent.

“For enterprises looking to centralize more services at their data centers, predictable application performance over a cost effective WAN infrastructure and high reliability are key requirements,” said Vice President of Marketing Keith Morris. “By simultaneously adding a new software-based High Availability function and a higher performance T3000 APN Appliance, Talari’s APN technology offering continues to evolve as the most comprehensive, low cost alternative to expensive Frame Relay and MPLS WAN services.”

Eliminating Single Points of Failure

The new High Availability capability ships in Talari’s software release 1.4. This new functionality eliminates the APN appliance as a single point of failure in the network by providing complete redundancy between two Talari T3000s. The pre-designated “standby” appliance monitors the state of the “active” appliance and, in the event of a failure, takes over all APN services. Using a Redundant APN Control Protocol (RACP), the Talari High Availability system can detect a failure in the active appliance and switch over all functions to the standby appliance in a fraction of a second, in a way that is transparent to most active applications.

“As the leading provider of digital media to communications professionals worldwide, network downtime can have disastrous consequences on both our relationships with our clients and, ultimately, our sales revenues,” noted Giorgio Pranzo, manager of global network engineering and operations at Getty Images. “Talari’s new high availability capability gives us the assurance we need so that we could take advantage of APN technology and its very attractive operating cost savings, and still deliver the level of business continuity our customers have come to expect.”

Designed for data center and headquarter-based environments, Talari’s Mercury T3000 product is a 2U rack-mountable appliance capable of supplying the performance and reliability needed to support a large number of branch connections and applications. In its original configuration, the T3000 supported aggregation of WAN pipe bandwidth up to 320 Mbit/sec full duplex while performing 128-bit AES encryption. Using two Intel E5540 64-bit Xeon 5500 processors running at 2.53 GHz, the new T3000 v2 increases performance to 500 Mbits/sec full duplex with 128-bit AES encryption. Each T3000 also features 6 auto-sensing 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, including two pairs of “fail-to-wire” ports.

Pricing and Availability

Talari’s Software release 1.4 and Talari’s Mercury T3000v2 APN Appliance are available today. The T3000v2 has suggested list prices that start at $29,995.

Adptive Private Networking

Talari Networks’ Adaptive Private Networking (APN) technology offers a revolutionary new approach to building enterprise WANs. By combining network bandwidth from the public Internet with RAID-like methods and overlay networking techniques, this technology allows businesses to take advantage of the economics of inexpensive Internet bandwidth without sacrificing business quality, reliability or availability. It accomplishes this by combining diverse sources of bandwidth and end-to-end algorithms to apply dynamic, real-time, per-packet traffic engineering. By continually measuring loss, latency and jitter, APN adapts to variations in network traffic flow virtually instantly to ensure reliable, predictable application performance using all of the available bandwidth.

About Talari Networks

Adaptive Private Networking does for the Enterprise WAN what RAID did for storage. Talari’s Mercury line of Adaptive Private Networking appliances delivers a network with 30 to 100 times the bits per dollar, ongoing WAN costs reduced by 40% to 90%, and greater reliability than existing corporate WANs, transforming virtualized-WANs to bring Moore’s Law and Internet economics to Enterprise WAN buyers, outsourcers and MSPs. For more information, please visit www.talari.com. Talari Networks…Swift and Sure.