Talari Networks’ CEO to Present at VentureWire Technology Showcase

Andy Gottlieb to Discuss Impact of Company’s Adaptive Private Networking Technology

Cupertino, Calif., October 12, 2009 Talari Networks Inc. — the leader in transforming virtualized-WANs by delivering the Internet economics and reliability of Adaptive Private Networking — announced today that company Chief Executive Officer Andy Gottlieb will speak at the upcoming VentureWire Technology Showcase held at the Sofitel San Francisco Bay in Redwood City, California October 13-14. Leveraging his more than two decades of network industry engineering and marketing management experience, Mr. Gottlieb will discuss the rapidly evolving Adaptive Private Networking (APN) market and Talari Networks’ growth strategy. He will speak at two sessions on Wednesday, October 14th at 11:00 am and 12:25 pm.

“Over the last dozen years, the prices for Frame Relay and MPLS-based WAN service have barely come down, not at all in line with the price/performance improvements seen almost everywhere else in technology,” said Gottlieb. “By delivering the high levels of performance and reliability enterprise WAN users and administrators have come to expect while leveraging far lower cost, ubiquitous Internet connectivity, Talari’s RAID-like Adaptive Private Networking technology will bring Moore’s Law and Internet economics to Enterprise WAN buyers for the first time in over 15 years.”

Extensive WAN/LAN Expertise

As one of the founders of Talari Networks, Gottlieb brings to the conference a long history of expertise in WAN/LAN switching and routing. He has worked at both small startups and large public corporations, most recently as vice president of marketing at RouteScience, a route optimization startup, and before that as a marketing executive at MMC Networks, the pioneering network processor developer. In the latter role Gottlieb was directly involved in MMC Networks’ $4.5B acquisition by Applied Micro Circuits (AMCC). He has also served on the board of network processing software developer LVL7 Systems. Gottlieb began his networking career with more than a dozen years at 3Com Corporation where he served in a variety of senior marketing, product management and engineering roles.

Adaptive Private Networking

Talari Networks’ Adaptive Private Networking (APN) technology offers a revolutionary new approach to building enterprise WANs. By combining network bandwidth from the public Internet with RAID-like methods and overlay networking techniques, this technology allows businesses to take advantage of the economics of inexpensive Internet bandwidth without sacrificing business quality, reliability or availability. It accomplishes this by combining diverse sources of bandwidth and end-to-end algorithms to apply dynamic, real-time, per-packet traffic engineering. By continually measuring loss, latency and jitter, APN adapts to variations in network traffic flow virtually instantly to ensure reliable, predictable application performance using all of the available bandwidth.

VentureWire Technology Showcase 2009

The VentureWire Technology Showcase 2009 Conference gives investors, analysts, entrepreneurs and corporate executives an inside look at the 75 most innovative technology startups. Selected by VentureWire editors for their breakthrough technologies and solid business plans, these companies range from early stage developers of new technology to more mature firms ready to partner with or be acquired by larger corporations. Given its spotlight on innovation, the conference offers an ideal opportunity to see where the VC and technology industries are headed and which companies are truly poised for success.

About Talari Networks

Talari Networks is a developer of a new generation of network appliances that use Adaptive Private Networking and affordable broadband links to deliver business-class reliability at consumer prices. This revolutionary new technology does for enterprise WANs what RAID technology did for storage by allowing Talari to offer performance at 30 to 100 times the bandwidth-per-dollar and WAN costs 40% to 90% lower, while supplying greater reliability than existing private WANs using Frame Relay or MPLS. The company’s product line scales easily to meet the needs of every level of an organization from small office/home office (SOHO) locations to large central sites such as data centers. Talari Networks is based in Cupertino, Calif. For more information, please visit www.talari.com. Talari Networks…Swift and Sure.