Talari Networks Delivers New Services to Accelerate Branch Office Simplification

New Firewall and Network Services Enable Customers to Reduce the Cost and Complexity of their Branch Infrastructure

SAN JOSE, Calif., – August 16, 2016 Talari Networks, the trusted software-defined WAN leader, today announced the availability of its Adaptive Private Networking (APN) 5.2 and Aware 2.2 management software which deliver an easy and flexible way for enterprises to deploy a Talari branch simplification solution.

APN 5.2 represents an important step in broadening the services that Talari’s appliances support by extending the existing SD-WAN, routing and VPN capabilities, to now include a Stateful Firewall, Network Address Translation (NAT), DHCP server, enhanced DHCP relay functions, and adaptive bandwidth discovery. This innovation enables customers to consolidate popular branch services, which typically reside on multiple devices, onto a single Talari appliance that supports centralized provisioning, management and reporting of all services. The benefit of this consolidation is a reduction of acquisition and ongoing management cost of branch services by enabling IT organizations to reduce device sprawl and the onsite technical expertise required to support a branch network infrastructure.

Talari Aware, the centralized management system for a Talari SD-WAN and branch simplification solution, has been updated with release 2.2 to support all of the new capabilities being delivered in APN 5.2.

“As a leader in the SD-WAN technology market, we are leveraging our strength and corresponding network edge presence to introduce a new solution that addresses the branch complexity challenges enterprises are facing,” said John Dickey, President and COO, Talari Networks. “By combining our SD-WAN technology with a compelling set of core network services that now includes firewall, in an easy to deploy and manage platform, customers have another key reason to look beyond traditional costly and complex solutions from incumbent vendors to and turn to Talari for their next-generation WAN and branch infrastructure.”

The APN 5.2 zone-based firewall, which is a key enabler of the branch simplification solution, supports policy-based filtering between services and security zones as well as static and dynamic NAT. A unique feature of the Talari firewall integrated SD-WAN solution is the concept of global security zones shared between Talari enabled branches. The global definitions of security zones and filter policies are now network aware which can be extended across the WAN, to the Internet, and even within the site. The result is macro and micro level security segmentation configuration and maintenance are now administratively simple.

“While we have a compelling set of capabilities available that allow IT organizations to simplify their branch infrastructures today, we will continue to expand the Talari appliances services catalog and offer customers increased value from their investment in Talari,” said Dickey.

APN 5.2 is available on all shipping Talari appliances which offer customers a turnkey physical option that is quick and easy to deploy or virtual appliances that run on Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESX and allows organizations to utilize their choice of Intel x86-based platforms to support their branch consolidation efforts.

For more information, please visit https://www.talari.com/solutions

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Talari Networks, the trusted SD-WAN technology and market leader, engineers the internet and branch for maximum business impact by designing fail-safe WANs that deliver superior business-critical application reliability and resiliency, while unlocking the simplification and cost reduction benefits of branch consolidation.

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