Talari Networks Expands its WAN Solution to include Network Performance Management Software

APN Aware gives IT unprecedented visibility into WAN performance

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — March 12, 2014 — Talari Networks Inc., a leading innovator in network reliability and business continuity solutions, today announced APN (Adaptive Private Networking) Aware, a software-based centralized monitoring application that supports Talari’s family of WAN appliances. Aware gives IT teams a holistic and unified view of real-time status and historical reporting on the quality of every individual link on a Wide Area Network (WAN). This allows them to identify and fix network problems more quickly and achieve higher availability and quality of their network. Aware gives IT teams network performance statistics and reports at a very granular level across the entire WAN, which can also empower network managers with data that can be used to enforce SLA contracts with service providers. Talari is showcasing Aware for the first time at Enterprise Connect 2014 next week in Orlando, booth #1731.

“When you´re running a business, success depends on every facet of a company operating at peak performance, and these days business performance is predicated on systems performance,” said Peter Christy, Research Director, Networks, 451 Research. “Talari´s APN Aware helps ensure this performance by providing a detailed view of the wide area network and the applications running on it. This insight includes a window into what matters most to each IT team member, whether looking at application performance, virtual networking or physical infrastructure.”

Talari´s APN appliances build a detailed map of all paths through the WAN, the downtime, loss, latency and jitter on each path, and the bandwidth used by each application that traverses the WAN. The Talari APN solution then uses this information to build a virtual network overlay on the physical WAN and direct traffic down the optimal path based on network conditions and organization policies. With the introduction of Aware, Talari is now exposing this data. From a centralized location, Aware gathers the WAN´s physical, virtual and application data from APN appliances throughout the network and stores it in a single database. Aware allows IT teams to analyze current and historical network and application performance via interactive graphical maps, graphs and tables that can be displayed from different perspectives. This lets IT teams take action for the purpose of troubleshooting, network and capacity planning, ROI analysis and SLA confirmation.

Historically, the service provider portion of the WAN has been one of the most opaque parts of an enterprise network. Measurements can be taken at the edge, but once traffic enters into the service provider network the details of the paths through that network are difficult to measure. Thus, IT has been able to see only the results of the WAN as traffic enters and exits their premise, but never what was happening inside. APN Aware breaks down that barrier and provides granular visibility on the details of every link through the WAN.

As a centralized management system for Talari’s WAN appliances, Aware gives IT teams the ability to configure, monitor and diagnose Talari-enabled WANs. It´s also invaluable for capacity planning. By being able to see where traffic is flowing and the usage on every link, customers can increase capacity where it is most needed, which is critical to support the growing use of real-time applications across the enterprise, such as VoIP, video conferencing/collaboration, VDI, BYOD, etc.

“A key benefit to Aware is we allow our customers to understand the behavior of the links they are purchasing from service providers. Rather than trust the SLAs, they can actually see the performance of every link, including uptime, latency, jitter and loss in each direction — critical information they can use to determine the effectiveness of their investments with different service providers, and in some cases empower them to renegotiate contracts or enforce SLAs with their providers,” said Talari’s President and CEO Emerick Woods. “In an environment where IT is asked to justify every dollar spent, Aware gives them the information they need at a level of unmatched granularity.”

APN Aware software is sold as an optional add-on product and is generally available today.

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Talari Networks is improving WAN reliability, capacity and affordability to enable a network that supports the growing demands of mission-critical applications. By aggregating multiple diverse networks into a virtual WAN and continuously adapting traffic based on the availability and real-time quality of the network paths, Talari ensures applications that rely on a WAN are not affected by underlying network issues. Talari’s patented technology delivers significant cost savings over single-provider networks while also increasing reliability and quality. Talari has received numerous industry awards, including Best of Interop–Performance Optimization, Techworld Awards–Networking Application Product of the Year; and named Gartner Cool Vendor, CRN 2013 Emerging Vendors and CRN Data Center 100 List. For more information, visit www.talari.com.

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