Talari Networks Granted 13th SD-WAN Patent, Reaches 10 Year Mark of Shipping Failsafe™ Software

IP Portfolio Uptick from Strong Network and Security Development Team

SAN JOSE, Calif. – September 10, 2018—Talari Networks – the leader in failsafe SD-WANs™ –today announces the granting of its 13th patent, “An Adaptive Private Network with Path Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) Discovery Process.”  The patent, filed in December of 2016, represents a continuing wave of more than 10 years shipping software innovation from Talari’s engineering team.  Talari has an additional 15 SD-WAN pending patents proceeding through various stages of US Patent Office review.

Talari’s MTU innovation helps enable a carrier-agnostic approach to WAN needs and minimize business dependence on costly MPLS services. The MTU capabilities in this patent help connect two or more WAN connections through an adaptive private network (APN) using SD-WAN network components, flows, paths, and services.  The multi-path MTU Discovery innovation enables the use of diverse bandwidth sources, including low-cost Internet connections, wireless and satellite, without requiring packet fragmentation that negatively impacts performance and CPU utilization.

“Talari’s research and development teams uniquely focus on SD-WAN innovation, said John Dickey, Co-Founder, President and Chief Operating Officer at Talari Networks.  “Our team set out from the beginning to demonstrate to customers, partners and investors Talari’s SD-WAN innovation. Simply put, our IP portfolio establishes market barriers to entry that other competitors will find difficult to overcome.”

About Talari
Talari is the leader in Failsafe SD-WANs™ and an NSS Labs “Recommended” SD-WAN vendor. Talari SD-WAN offers both MPLS-class high availability and superior Quality of Experience ensuring predictable application performance for both apps and real-time apps like VoIP and videoconferencing.  Talari technology delivers a multi-link WAN with 50 – 400 times more bandwidth per dollar, WAN cost reductions of 40% – 80%. Talari is deployed in over 500 customers in more than 9,000 locations in over 40 countries and boasts a 90+ NPS (Net Promoter Score). For more information, visit www.talari.com.