Talari Releases Update to SD-WAN Solution, Adds On-Demand Application Policy Changes

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Feb. 11, 2015 — Talari Networks, Inc., the leading provider of Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions that proactively manage capacity, quality and performance across the network, creating a smart network that sets the enterprise free to be brilliant, today announced a new release of their market-leading solution. The new patented, operating software, Talari APN (Adaptive Private Networking) 4.2, includes the ability to change network configuration and application policies from a single location without any interruption to network traffic so the business can continue to run at full speed, with no interruption.

Businesses today are demanding flexible solutions that can support their organization’s growth and shifting demands. Opening new offices, switching service providers, turning up services in the cloud and adding applications are examples of the rapid pace of change, and the IT department is being called on to be an enabler for change, not an impediment. Talari’s latest software release allows enterprises to make changes to application-level policies and network configuration from a single location without impacting network functions and without requiring a maintenance window.

“This release is a crucial step in Talari’s vision of a smart, software-defined network,” said Kevin Gavin, Chief Marketing Officer. “Using the Talari Aware management system to affect change in the network at any time and without any interruption in service is key to building an agile network that can keep pace with the demands of the business.”

Talari’s Thinking WAN solution has become the most widely used SD-WAN solution because of its ability to easily adapt to the network and demands of the business. By creating secure, virtual WAN links abstracted from the physical network and then intelligently adapting to changes in application demand and network characteristics, Talari ensures that applications perform continuously at high quality and take advantage of all available bandwidth. And by utilizing a combination of Internet, MPLS, wireless networks, etc., Talari’s customers can dramatically increase their available bandwidth while significantly lowering their network costs, a combination that is needed to stay competitive in a fast moving economy.

Talari APN 4.2 is available now and applies to any WAN configuration, including MPLS WANs, Hybrid WANs and WAN to Cloud configurations.

Press Release: [PDF | 132KB]

About Talari Networks
Talari, the leading provider of Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions, offers businesses a better way to WAN by bringing intelligence to the network, creating a THINKING WAN, that micro-manages capacity, quality and performance in real-time, packet-by-packet so the network just works, and IT is finally set free to innovate elsewhere. Talari’s patented technology enables hybrid WANs to support the growing demands of mission-critical applications without compromising quality or increasing MPLS spend so the business can run at full speed, with no interruptions. To learn more about Talari, visit www.talari.com.

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