SD-WAN Overview

Wide-area networks are business-enablers for distributed enterprises. But a slow and unresponsive WAN can lead to lost revenue, unhappy customers and employees, and erosion of brand equity.  In order to support users accessing apps from remote clouds and data centers, network managers need greater WAN resiliency, reliability and flexibility.

Talari SD-WAN delivers on all three, while additionally lowering costs, simplifying management and securing network connectivity. Talari creates a software-driven, unified WAN fabric, by decoupling network configuration from individual WAN links and hardware components. Talari eases processes and improves network management and control, while enabling an exceptional quality user experience (QoE). Network managers can now take advantage of a virtual network overlay with built-in resiliency. One that leverages all available WAN connections, while centralizing control of, and visibility into, the entire SD-WAN.

Talari SD-WAN Removes IT Pain

Talari SD-WAN was created to solve the ongoing IT challenges network managers face every day - from sluggish and undependable WANs, to difficulties deploying new office WAN links and accessing cloud services.

Slow and unreliable WAN performance can leave users frustrated, as they rely on business apps for change management, order processing, and other critical functions. Sales and marketing professionals need fast and reliable access to CRM customer data, but as users become further away from CRM servers, it can take longer to login, access customer data, refresh dashboards and print reports.

Talari’s continuous, unidirectional monitoring technology puts network managers in control, with rich, detailed visibility and reporting on WAN performance. Network managers can easily track down problems, and fix them at a time convenient for them - without impacting users.

WAN Transformation Addresses Changing Business Dynamics

Talari SD-WAN transforms traditional WANs into true enterprise-class networks that are fast and easy to deploy and manage. Application reliability and performance is improved, while dynamically leveraging any type of network link. It does this by understanding a company’s applications and priorities, while adapting automatically to changing conditions and demands. Diverse link types are supported, such as MPLS, broadband Internet, mobile, and integrates WAN optimization, firewall, security and routing technologies.

Talari SD-WAN Elements

Talari SD-WAN is a flexible solution that can be deployed at the physical edge, the virtual edge or in the cloud, through Talari’s network controller, full suite of appliances and centralized orchestration and analytics platform.

Talari Controller

Talari Controller is an orchestration point for the Talari SD-WAN to configure, synchronize time and establish dynamic connections between Talari appliances. The Talari Controller can be located on-premises or in the cloud.

Talari Appliances:

  • Talari Physical Appliances are easy to deploy, deliver reliable, predictable performance over any WAN link, and can scale to meet the needs of diverse sites - from large data centers to small office/home offices.
  • Talari Virtual Appliance VT800 runs on industry standard hardware. This virtual machine software runs on VMware vSphere virtual server and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors.
  • Talari Virtual Appliance CT800 supports Amazon Web Services. The Talari Virtual Appliance VT800 supports Microsoft Azure. Both the CT800 and VT800 act as a gateway to IaaS locations, SaaS applications, and Internet sites.

Talari Aware

Talari Aware centralized management software configures, monitors, and analyzes the entire Talari SD-WAN. It reduces the time and configuration errors associated with deploying Talari appliances, and provides access to detailed performance data correlated across the network. These capabilities deliver an easy- to-manage SD-WAN, with unprecedented visibility into network and application performance.

All Talari appliances run on Talari’s patented Adaptive Private Networking software. So, regardless of which appliance is deployed, customers have confidence in the identical features, and consistent deployment and support to simplify SD-WAN administration, reduce trouble tickets and lower support costs.

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