Talari Appliances

Talari Failsafe SD-WAN Solutions

Talari appliance form and performance factors are available to support every location – from small offices to large data centers, and from call centers to clouds. Whether aggregating two T1s or supporting 5 Gbps of WAN capacity, Talari failsafe SD-WAN solutions with unprecedented cloud-edge reliability offer features and performance advantages honed by years of operating within thousands of locations around the globe, and within many different industries.

Physical Appliances

Talari appliance E100 supports larger branch offices and medium- sized remote offices, with 500Mbps bandwidth performance.

Talari appliance E50  is easy-to-deploy and operate multi-service WAN Edge physical appliance to connect small branch-office locations such as retail or mobile sites

Virtual and Cloud Appliances

Talari Virtual Appliance VT800 supports 20 Mbps, 40 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps full-duplex. It runs in a VMware vSphere virtual server, Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor, or Microsoft Azure cloud platform, and provides the same SD-WAN functionality as a physical Talari appliance.

Talari Virtual Appliance CT800 runs in the AWS cloud and supports up to 100 Mbps full-duplex, and can be the designated Network Control Node (NCN) for the Talari SD-WAN. The CT800 provides secure, aggregated cloud access over broadband or Direct Connect links to ensure high quality and reliable access to IaaS, SaaS and Internet locations.

WAN Optimization

The Talari SD-WAN provides native support for WAN Optimization, including data compression, data deduplication and congestion controls. This frees up bandwidth and removes congestion for optimal application delivery. Talari WAN Optimization is a composite feature that increases WAN efficiency for bulk file-transfers, especially for data requested by more than one user at the same location.


Secure cloud connectivity

Talari offloads all Internet traffic, or specific URLs, directly at the branch, using Talari’s integrated NAT/PAT firewall and/or Talari’s DNS Proxy for URL redirection to the Internet for “trusted” URLs.  For the standard Talari firewall, there are no pricing or licensing requirements to utilize these features. Optionally, a virtual Palo Alto Networks firewall can be installed on a VM partition to provide DPI firewall capabilities.

Talari supports TACACS+ and RADIUS authentication for management access to our edge appliances. Every packet is encrypted by default, using Talari’s AES encryption. Additional security features include:

  • Cipher Block Chaining (CBC)
  • Per-protocol sequence numbers
  • Per-session symmetric encryption keys
  • Encryption key rotation
  • Extended packet encryption headers
  • Packet authentication trailers

App-centric Cloud Security

The Talari SD-WAN app-centric cloud security integrates with the jointly-validated Zscaler™ security service, providing web filtering functionality within cloud nodes distributed worldwide. This cloud-centric approach provides enterprise application and security teams centrally-controlled security, with decentralized access, and avoids sending out-bound broadband traffic back to the central data center for inspection, or backhauling Internet traffic across MPLS links.

Talari SD-WAN with Zscaler, provides failsafe connectivity, while leveraging a direct-to-cloud gateway security stack as a service. By continuously applying policies and threat intelligence, organizations are protected from malware and other advanced threats. By moving security and access controls from the data center to a globally distributed cloud, enterprises achieve consistent protection for users everywhere. They can now easily scale to support dynamic changes in traffic flows in today’s increasingly cloud-centric infrastructure.

Talari SD-WAN appliances transparently forward all Internet traffic to the Zscaler cloud over IPsec tunnels, providing a faster user experience, reducing bandwidth costs and simplifying operations. This service uses Talari's Adaptive Path Networking (APN) software on all physical, virtual and cloud appliances. Talari delivers:

  • IPsec tunnels to the Zscaler cloud with one active tunnel per Talari SD-WAN appliance
  • Talari app-aware routing rules selectively determine what traffic to forward to Zscaler
  • Reduces cost and complexity for branch security services

Reduced complexity through device consolidation

More than just an SD-WAN device, Talari appliances support popular functions such as Firewall, NAT, Routing, WAN Optimization, VRFs, VPN Concentrator, DHCP and IPsec termination, and App-centric Cloud Security. Instead of combining physical or virtual devices from a variety of vendors, a single Talari appliance does the work of many, reducing device sprawl, simplifying deployment, easing on-going support and lowering costs.

Freedom of choice with flexible deployment and acquisition options

Talari’s physical, virtual and cloud appliances, offer enterprises the freedom to choose the underlying service infrastructure that best meets their SD-WAN deployment needs. This freedom of choice carries forward into how an SD-WAN is acquired. With Talari, enterprises can choose a traditional CAPEX perpetual license, or an OPEX subscription that reduces upfront costs and has a low monthly rate.