Talari Appliance T510

Talari SD-WAN

Talari Networks, innovator of the most reliable SD-WAN technology, engineers the branch and edge network for maximum business impact, delivering superior application performance and network resiliency, while unlocking the benefits of seamless cloud connectivity services.

Talari T510 Appliance

The Talari T510 Appliance is designed to bring reliability and bandwidth to small offices and home offices typically served by IPsec VPNs. The Talari T510 Appliance affordably delivers up to 40 Mbps (Full-Duplex) across multiple WAN connections, complementing Talari’s higher-capacity appliance models.

Fault Tolerant

The Talari T510 Appliance includes a fault-tolerant, fail-to-wire feature, that automatically enables a passive pass-through mode, even in the case of unforeseen interruptions in a Talari appliance.

SD-WAN Cloud Security

Talari’s jointly validated solution with Zscaler enables Talari SD-WAN edge nodes to transparently forward all Internet traffic to the Zscaler™ cloud over IPsec tunnels, providing a faster user experience, reducing bandwidth costs and simplifying operations. Key features include:

  • IPsec tunnels to the Zscaler cloud with one active tunnel per Talari SD-WAN node
  • Talari app-aware routing rules to selectively determine what traffic to forward to Zscaler
  • Talari secured local Internet breakouts, without the cost and complexity of deploying additional security appliances on customer premises.

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Ethernet Ports

  • Auto-sensing 10/100/1000
  • Fail-to-wire


  • Serial console port
  • Management Ethernet port


  • 100/240 volts
  • 50-60 Hz
  • 250 Watts

Physical Dimensions

  • 437mm (W) x 249mm (D) x 43mm (H) (17.2″ x 9.8″ x 1.7″)


  • EIA RS-310 standard 1U

System LEDs

  • Power
  • SSD Activity
  • System overheat
  • MGT port activity
  • Port 3 activity
  • Bypass

Link LEDs

  • Link Activity (2x)
  • Link Speed (2x)