Talari Aware SD-WAN Monitoring

Talari Aware is a centralized management system to easily configure, monitor and analyze the Talari SD-WAN. Time and configuration errors associated with deploying Talari appliances is greatly reduced, and detailed performance data correlated across the network is provided. These capabilities deliver an easy- to-manage SD-WAN, with unprecedented visibility into network and application performance.

By leveraging an intuitive graphical interface, Talari Aware simplifies many common management tasks and eases the transition from configuration to monitoring. Users can define multiple layers of physical and geographical topologies. This acts as a guide for configuration changes, and provides a visual overview of network performance, and includes a quick at-a-glance overview of network errors. The application can be easily customized through multiple, user-definable maps, dashboards and reports.

Talari Aware is browser-accessed software that runs within a VM on standard user-provided servers, or in the cloud, on Amazon Web Services (AWS). A single instance of Talari Aware can manage and collect data from up to 256 Talari appliances and the controlling Network Control Nodes (NCN).


  • Intuitive, centralized management system for Talari appliances
  • Simplifies monitoring and troubleshooting of the Talari SD-WAN
  • Fully customizable reports and graphs for easy network and application performance management
  • Single-point configuration with comprehensive network-wide audits to minimize errors


Centralized configuration minimizes administrative effort and operational cost associated with managing an SD-WAN. Rather than configure each site individually and risk errors occurring if the two sides of a link don’t match up, Talari Aware lets you configure the network as a whole, which speeds up the configuration process, and dramatically reduces errors.


Talari Aware monitoring provides unprecedented visibility into the SD-WAN. Due to the comprehensive nature of Talari’s solution, data can be captured by tracking traffic in the SD-WAN without probes or injecting test data. This provides the most granular and accurate view of network and application performance possible.


Since Talari Aware collects granular data from across the SD-WAN, it becomes a high-value application that helps IT staff identify the state of the WAN and any anomalies that have occurred. Events from throughout the SD-WAN are displayed on graphical maps and tables. Also, current and historical reports are available to support fault detection, troubleshooting, network and capacity planning, ROI analysis and SLA confirmation.

Talari Aware

  • VMware Hypervisor ESXi 5.1.0 or higher
  • Minimum 4 Core, 3 GHz Processor
  • Minimum 8GB RAM
  • Note that only locally attached storage is supported

Talari Aware for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Packaged as 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
  • The size and configuration of the Talari SD-WAN will determine the Talari Aware EC2 infrastructure requirements
  • Please visit the Talari support site and user guide for the current recommended EC2 instance configurations:www.talari.com/support/support_login.php