Branch Office Simplification

IT is under pressure to deliver branch office access with improved quality of experience to an emerging set of applications that exist in a variety of locations, such as the cloud. The deployment of these applications is increasing the types and number of required branch services resulting in added complexity, reduced flexibility, and higher support cost.  While branch services and complexity are increasing, the required technical skills available in the branch to support the new infrastructure is frequently lacking or non-existent.

A Talari solution can help with these issues by consolidating multiple core functions such as SD-WAN, routing, firewall, NAT, QoS into an easy to deploy, virtual or physical appliance which is administered from a central location. The solution is extensible and works with leading 3rd party vendors to deliver the services your applications require in any location.

Effortless Deployment and Management

Deploying a Talari appliance in the branch is fast and simple. By completing 3 steps, IT organizations can have a Talari appliance online and in production with all administration and reporting takes place from a centrally managed controller. With this approach, Talari allows organizations to minimized the amount of IT expertise required at the branch while offering a scalable model to support deployments that include a large number of branch offices.

Lower Complexity with Device Consolidation

More than just an SD-WAN device, Talari appliances have evolved to support popular functions such as Firewall, NAT, Routing, VRFs, VPN Concentrator, DHCP, and IPsec termination. Instead of taking the traditional approach of having a combination of physical or virtual devices from a variety of vendors to support these functions, you can now deploy one Talari appliance and reduce device sprawl, simplify deployment, ease on-going support and lower costs.

Scalable and Easy Service Chaining

A service chain consists of a set of network services, such as firewalls, NAT, routers and VPN concentrators that are interconnected through the network to support an application. In the past, building a service chain to support a new application took a great deal of time and effort since it meant acquiring specialized, individually configured network devices and cabling them together in the required services sequence. A Talari Branch Office simplification solution can make the service chain and application provisioning process a whole lot shorter and simpler. With services offered on a single virtual or physical appliance with a common management interface, service chaining with Talari is easy. Beyond the chaining of services within a Talari appliance, integration of 3rd party services is support with validated solutions.