What is SD-WAN?

With the explosive growth in real-time applications, distributed workforces and cloud computing, a company's productivity and customer responsiveness have never been more dependent on network infrastructure. Because of this, organizations are turning their focus to their wide areas networks (WANs) and cloud access networks, knowing that having enough bandwidth to support the increased demand and predictable reliability to ensure continuous application availability are key to their success. That’s why companies are turning to Talari’s Software-Defined WAN solution.

Talari's SD-WAN solution creates a smart and responsive network, one that adapts in real time to bandwidth demand and actual network conditions, ensuring that presently and regardless of network issues, critical applications have priority and all applications take the best quality path through the network, ensuring uptime so business can get done.

Whether the WAN is all MPLS, a hybrid WAN of MPLS and broadband, all Internet links, backed up with wireless, or extended to the cloud, Talari's Software-Defined or ‘Simplified-Defined’ WAN solution will ensure continuous availability and predictable application performance to keep productivity moving at optimal speed.

Best in class SD-WAN

SD-WAN Benefits

For organizations hampered by expensive and rigid private legacy networks and locked into a single carrier per location, an SD-WAN unlocks untapped WAN connectivity.  It achieves this by simplifying network deployments, automating network management, lowering bandwidth and management costs, and enabling service provider independence.

The Talari SD-WAN takes advantage of existing private network bandwidth (e.g., MPLS), while combining low-cost Internet broadband bandwidth (e.g. cable, DSL, LTE), to enable a more open, reliable, resilient, agile and cost-efficient enterprise WAN. Talari SD-WAN components include:

  • Talari Controller – centrally manages and distributes services and application policies
  • Talari Appliances – deliver cost-effective services, and address application needs
  • Talari Overlay Network – securely links all appliances and controller
  • Talari Reporting – Aware provides real-time analytics, visibility for troubleshooting, and capacity planning
  • Talari Cloud Connect - platform available to service provider partners to enable failsafe, multi-link- multi-path access to cloud services and SaaS for Talari SD-WAN customers.

Talari SD-WAN enables an open and extensible wide-area network that supports enterprise data centers, remote offices, and cloud services with a new paradigm in which packets are routed deterministically, based on bandwidth suitability for the packet’s protocol. Talari embeds this capability in the packet header to allow low latency applications that are less business-critical to be subordinated in favor of business-critical applications.

SD-Wan Solutions

Hybrid WAN

A WAN composed of MPLS and one or more broadband links deployed in an active – standby hybrid WAN is increasingly common in today's enterprise. But this configuration has some downsides, including inefficient use of bandwidth and session drop on failover. With Talari, all circuits are active, so WAN locations have access to the full aggregated amount of bandwidth. Policies-based prioritization ensures that real-time quality sensitive applications such as VoIP get the highest priority and are securely transmitted over the best possible network to maintain Quality of Experience.

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MPLS vs. Internet

Companies are looking for alternatives to MPLS because of its high cost, limited bandwidth, long lead time and extended contract terms. And Internet links are an enticing option. Internet WAN offers large amounts of bandwidth for lower cost, more favorable terms, and are often immediately available. And, using Talari, internet links deliver better than MPLS-QoS.

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