Cloud Connect

As enterprises embrace public cloud computing, SaaS, hybrid IT and multi-cloud postures in pursuit of their digital-transformation objectives, they are compelled to overhaul their WAN architectures and management models to reliably, securely, and cost-effectively deliver the cloud-based applications and services that are becoming increasingly valuable to business outcomes.  While most SD-WAN offerings provide some value in providing access to cloud services and SaaS, almost all prior approaches have significant challenges in meeting enterprise requirements.

Easy, Cost-effective Cloud Access with Quality of Experience

Talari’s Cloud Connect platform, together with our ecosystem partners, addresses each of these problems with an approach that leapfrogs the SD-WAN competition. Cloud Connect offers enterprises simple, failsafe cloud/SaaS access, delivering reliable, high Quality of Experience (QoE) when accessing the cloud without the enterprise hassle of deploying and managing cloud-based infrastructure.

Talari Cloud Connect delivers all the MPLS-class high availability and predictable application QoE benefits that Talari’s failsafe SD-WAN offering delivers between enterprise sites, now for access to the cloud, cloud services and SaaS. With Talari Cloud Connect, enterprises avoid the dreaded “two steps forward, one step back” approaches that other SD-WAN solutions offer to the problems of cloud/SaaS access.  Enterprises can now safely migrate applications to public cloud and SaaS at their own desired pace.

Cloud Connect Architecture

The Cloud Connect architecture is comprised of three components.

Talari APN Software  - The first component is the deployment of Talari software in the enterprise locations. In this case, Talari’s Adaptive Private Networking (APN) software is deployed on Talari physical appliances, virtual appliances or in the cloud.

Cloud Connect PoP Gateway - The Cloud Connect POP Gateway is multi-tenant Service Provider software that aggregates Cloud Conduit connections. Since it is software, it is deployed by a provider on a generic compute platform.

Cloud Conduits - These are the failsafe multi-link, multipath connection between customer location and Cloud Connect POP. The Cloud Conduit delivers reliability, visibility, QoS like other conduits on customer’s Talari SD-WAN.

Talari Cloud Connect is a new option organizations should consider when making the transition to the cloud while trying to maintain the best quality of experience for users.


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