Cloud-based Network Security

The Talari SD-WAN app-centric cloud security leverages the Zscaler™ security service that provides web filtering within cloud nodes distributed worldwide. This provides centrally-controlled security, with decentralized access, which avoids backhauling Internet traffic across MPLS links.

Talari SD-WAN combined with Zscaler, Palo Alto GlobalProtect or Meta Networks services provides failsafe site-to-site connectivity, while leveraging a direct-to-cloud gateway security stack as a service. This continuously applies policies and threat-intelligence to protect organizations from malware and other advanced threats. By moving security and access controls from the data center to a globally distributed cloud, enterprises achieve consistent protection for users everywhere. They can now easily scale to support dynamic changes in traffic flows in today’s increasingly cloud-centric infrastructure.

Meta Networks cloud-based security offering for Talari SD-WAN customers will leverage the Talari Cloud Connect platform so that the direct-to-cloud connectivity offers the same failsafe, multi-link, multi-path access to their cloud-based security that Talari SD-WAN customers benefit from in their site-to-site connectivity

Cloud Networking

Talari SD-WAN appliances transparently forward all Internet traffic to the Zscaler cloud over IPsec tunnels, providing a faster user experience, reducing bandwidth costs, and simplifying operations. This service uses Talari's Adaptive Private Networking (APN) software on all physical, virtual and cloud appliances.

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