WAN Visibility

IT personnel need the proper tools to give them end-to-end visibility across their entire network, in order to understand how network infrastructure impacts applications and users. Network managers need to see problems and easily make changes in real-time, in order to get control of WAN performance, with policies that support their business.

Talari’s continuous, unidirectional monitoring enables rich, detailed visibility and reporting on WAN performance. Talari puts IT back in control, allowing administrators to track down problems, and fix them at a time convenient for them, without impacting users.

Talari Aware is a centralized management system for configuring, monitoring, and analyzing a Talari SD-WAN. Aware reduces the time and configuration errors associated with deploying Talari appliances, and provides access to detailed performance data correlated across the WAN. These capabilities deliver an easy-to-manage SD-WAN, with unprecedented visibility into network and application performance.