Internet as WAN

Companies are looking for alternatives to MPLS because of its high cost, limited bandwidth, long lead time and extended contract terms. And Internet links are an enticing option. Internet WAN offers large amounts of bandwidth for lower cost, more favorable terms, and are often immediately available.

Advantages of adding Talari to an Internet as WAN architecture:

But until Talari, companies haven't been willing to move 100% to Internet as a WAN option. Because the guaranteed bandwidth, SLAs, and QoS MPLS offers is required in order to ensure predictable and highly available application performance. The Internet doesn't offer those features; it has become more reliable but still doesn't meet enterprise requirements for mission critical traffic.

100% Internet WAN for Enterprises

Adding Talari's solution to a WAN provides the features that enterprises require allowing them to use 100% Internet links. With bandwidth reservation, quality-based path selection, encrypted traffic, and link aggregation, companies can be confident in trusting their mission critical traffic to an Internet WAN.